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    Whiteboard Animation & Explainer Video Company in India

    We Make Handcrafted Explainer Videos That'll Connect With Your Users

    According to Forrester Research, a page with a video is 50 times more likely to rank on the #1 Page of Google.

    As an experienced SEO company in Mumbai, we can vouch for the fact that explainer videos are an essential asset for business websites in 2018. They drive in more traffic, and more importantly, keep the visitors engaged and interested in what your new website has to offer. So, even though explainer videos can take up a chunk of your budget, because of their inventiveness and appeal, they are totally worth the investment, as they will guarantee better conversion rates for your business.

    So how exactly explainer videos for business can help and why should you make custom animated videos?

    • Explainer videos help you rank better in Google search, as websites with videos rank higher in the search result.
    • They increase conversion rates, as people are more likely to buy a product or invest in a service which is accompanied by an animation explainer video.
    • They help in generating substantial interest for your brand, thanks to their widespread appeal over other forms of content marketing.
    • Explainer animation videos are more shareable and also, more likely to go viral, as compared to simple text or images.

    Helping Our Customers Succeed With Explainer Videos

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    Steps To Creating Killer Animated Explainer Videos

    We Make The Impossible Possible With The Best Explainer Video Services.

    Being a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we have worked on several explainer video projects. We understand that it’s not just about great animation, it’s also about great storytelling. Thus, as an experienced explainer video production company, we know exactly how to tell engaging stories through awesome animations. Whether it’s a whiteboard animation video or a product explainer video, your message will be presented through the best possible animation and storytelling!

    Here’s the complete process that we follow;


    In the first step, we’ll ask you to fill out a brief questionnaire, which will help us to understand your goals and business objectives better. Here, you can mention any specific benefits that need to be highlighted or provide us with links to sample videos that you like.

    The Concept

    Based on the information provided by you, we’ll come up with a winning concept for your product or service that’ll help convert visitors into buyers. Your ideas are welcome and once the concept is approved, we’ll move on to the scripting stage.

    The Script

    At this stage, our creative writers will get on with the task of crafting an engaging story that’ll help make your product or service stand out. The script will be shared with you for review and feedback, following which we’ll start the work on the visual representation.

    The Storyboard

    With the final script in hand, we’ll begin the work on creating a storyboard. A storyboard is a visual representation (rough sketching) of how the video will be presented shot-by-shot along with the text accompanying it. Think, comic strip!

    Art Style

    At this stage, our creative illustrators will work on different art style to create narrative elements for characters that match your brand style and product or service requirements. Once the artwork is reviewed and approved, we’ll proceed with the actual video production.


    We offer our client’s the options for choosing different Voiceover artists (male and female), based on the script. The voice will be recorded in a professional studio and will be sent over to you for final approval. We are also open to suggestion if you have a Voiceover artist in mind.


    The illustrator will now work on creating unique graphic elements for your explainer video. This includes fonts, colours, character designs, icons, etc. For the production of the video, you have the option of choosing 2D vector-based animation, 3D animation or static cartoon characters.

    Sound Design

    Once the look of the video is set, it is time to set the tone and the pace for it. Here, your input would be highly appreciated or if you don’t have anything particular in mind then we’d be happy to recommend sounds & background music that will complement with the overall look of the video.


    Once the production is completed, the video will be sent to you for a review. Based on the feedback, we’ll be happy to make changes, if any. And finally, deliver the video to you for the official launch.

    Some of Our Esteemed Clients

    What To Expect From Us?

    Here’s what you can expect from us. Our explainer videos will;
    • Be specifically created keeping the target audience in mind, so that your website generates the right kind of traffic.
    • Have an effective user interface that will get the customer engaged immediately.
    • Be cleverly and artistically implemented into your homepage or landing page, in such a way that it will guarantee a view with every visitor.
    • Have a creative and professional animation and layout, which will clearly convey the message and also stimulate the customers to give your business/service a try.

    Since the most important thing about any marketing strategy is to present the best side of your business and convince potential customers to invest in your brand, our team will take extra effort to understand your business and clients, and what it is that you wish to tell your audience, so that we can create the most captivating and convincing explainer video for your brand.

    Capsicum Mediaworks is a leading web design company in Mumbai offering the best animated explainer video services. We know the art of creating compelling animated explainer videos that sell. That’s why we will deliver results which will reflect in your conversion rates and sales.

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