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    Social Media Marketing Company in Mumbai, India

    We Help You Increase Brand Awareness, Improve Audience Engagement & Expand Your Social Reach.

    Did you know that 81% of all small and medium-sized businesses use some kind of social platform for marketing purposes?

    When you look at the recent social media statistics, you’d notice the exponential growth of various social channels and how it is influencing the marketing objectives of most businesses. Thus, if you are not making the most of this powerful platform to promote your business, then you are losing out on more than just revenue.

    As a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we offer the best social media management and marketing services in Mumbai that’ll help take your online promotion & marketing to the next level. Having worked on a variety of social media marketing projects, we understand the creative challenges of handling various social media accounts where you have 10 seconds or less to make an impact or lose the all-important like/follow/tweet.

    Thus, by hiring us for your social media marketing campaign, you’d be assured of working with an efficient team who follow an action-oriented process for all social media tasks. We are a well-known social media marketing agency in Mumbai and if you are not sure how to make social media work for your business or need help with social media optimization (SMO) then we, at Capsicum Mediaworks, can make it work for you!

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    Social Media Marketing Services We Offer

    Our Services Cover Every Aspect of Your Social Networks…Leaving You Free To Focus on Your Business.

    As one of the leading web design company in Mumbai, we offer a comprehensive social media services package that takes care of all your social requirements. Owing to our years of experience in the field of digital marketing, we can help you build a strong social media presence for your business. Through our strategic marketing approach, we can also help turn your followers into customers. Thus, here is a complete list of activities that we offer as part of our social media marketing services.

    Social Media Audit

    We start by doing a complete social media audit of your current social media accounts; checking it for consistency of information, profile completion, your target market, existing marketing techniques being used, identifying unauthorized profiles etc. This will help us set up the right social channels for your business and optimize it accordingly.

    Page/Profile Creation and Optimization

    We’ll help you set up new social media profiles/pages from scratch or optimize your existing social pages/profiles. We’ll create social accounts across all relevant social niche platforms and optimize it via target keywords, update your profile photo, company bio, website link, etc. This will help improve brand awareness online.

    Social Media Strategy Development

    After understanding your goals and objectives, our team will develop result driven social media strategies that’ll help boost customer engagement on your varied social accounts. We’ll primarily focus on social platforms that add value to your business. This, in turn, will help generate more leads and increase conversions.

    Monthly Content Calendar (Blurbs)

    Consistent Content posting on social media is the key to increasing your followers’ list. To this end, we’ll research and create a tailor-made monthly content calendar for your business that has a right mix of unique graphics, curated articles, product promotions, user-generated content, viral infographic and holiday posts. This will help build a sizeable base of loyal audience for your social accounts.

    Posting, Scheduling and Comment/Spam Monitoring

    As a full-fledged social media marketing agency, we’ll take care of all your social posting and scheduling right from writing unique & engaging blurbs to creating eye-catching & relevant images/graphics. Likewise, we’ll also respond to all comments promptly and judiciously. Plus, we’ll also monitor your accounts for spam and deal with it in an effective manner.

    Social Media Advertising Campaigns

    From campaign creation to management to designing effective ad copy that helps capture your target audience attention as well as expand our reach, we’ll help you craft social media advertising campaigns that deliver the desired result. Through in-depth research, segmentation and campaign optimization, we’ll ensure that the average cost of advertising is minimal, while the returns are higher.

    Social Media Real-Time Monitoring

    Our social media marketing services include real-time monitoring of all activities on your social accounts such as comments, reviews, messages etc. Our team will respond to all queries/comment within 24 hours. We’ll also have a pulse on what people are saying about your brand/products in real-time. This will help us identify opportunities to improve engagement.

    Social Media Contests or Competitions

    From setting a budget to identifying the right social channel, determining the right type of contest/competition, promotion and choosing the right prize/giveaway, we can help you create, manage and launch successful social media contests or competitions that reflect your brand and generates a lot of buzz.

    Monthly Reporting and Analytics

    We’ll send you a comprehensive report at the end of each month that’ll show you the progress of your social media marketing campaign, the performance of each social platform, the activities we have undertaken, the result derived from it and the impact it made.

    What To Expect From Us?

    We’ll Help You Chart A Social Media Plan That Is Aligned With Your Marketing Goals.

    If you have an online business, then two of the best internet marketing techniques that you must invest in to grow your business is SEO services and Social Media Marketing.

    Managing social media pages/profiles of your business is a full-time job. Thus, by hiring a professional social media agency to look after your social accounts management & marketing, you are able to not only save money & time but you are also able to harness their expertise to amplify your brand’s visibility and drive more engagement.

    Capsicum Mediaworks can be your trusted partner for social media marketing, as we formulate well-thought-out strategies that are designed to achieve specific business goals. As a leading social media marketing company, no matter what your goals are;

    • To generate new leads for your business.
    • Boosts brand engagement.
    • Improve brand recognition.
    • Boosts apps download, sign-ups and sales.
    • Increase traffic and expand your reach.
    • Build a community of loyal followers.

    We can help you with all this and more through our tried & tested social media marketing techniques that’ll help maximize your online marketing performance. Our team of experienced social media specialists follow a systematic process to attain each goal from researching & gathering data of your target audience to competitive analysis, tracking & measuring results and reporting.

    Thus, do get in touch with us if you want to work with an accomplished social media marketing agency in Mumbai and we’ll ensure that you stay on the top of your marketing game!

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