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    Logo Design Company in India

    We Can Help You Establish Brand Identity With Affordable Logo Design Services.

    Do you want to know how a Bad Logo design can ruin your organization’s credibility?

    Think about the 2012 London Olympics Logo fiasco or the headache-inducing logo for the social-distancing app: Highlight.

    Popular search engines such as Yahoo! and Bing has been criticized for their lack of creativity with their logo. Some of these logos are so ordinary just about anyone with little to no design skills could have created them. It is one of the primary reasons why you have to be particularly selective in choosing the right logo design services for your firm.

    Let’s talk about how Logos can help with branding:

    Visually appealing, coloured Brand Logos increase brand recognition by 80%.

    Logo Design may be a part of Graphic Design, but it is a vital part because the logo is displayed on your Brand’s website, accessories, products, services, and promotional products.

    Relevance is the key unless you are one of the top brands, such as Apple, whose initial logo was a detailed representation of the apple falling on Newton’s head. That outdated design didn’t last long. It was later changed by Steve Jobs, to what is today one of the most successful and top logos in the world. Today, Apple has become synonymous with the logo. 

    Also, tailor-made custom logos with minute attention to details are usually the ones that make it big, regardless of how minimalistic or flamboyant the design appears to be. One common mistake made by immature logo designers: they try to do as little as possible. A successful logo requires an X-factor that makes it pop, however minimalistic it appears to be. Less doesn’t always mean zero-effort.

    As a logo design company in India, we have hired the best designers in the industry. Their masterful designs have helped many brands jumpstart their businesses. We provide a highly talented team of logo designers who with their vast experience, can identify the slightest error turning our client’s ideas into a work of art. Capsicum Mediaworks Logo portfolio will provide you with the appropriate insights on their work, convincing you that you have made the right choice.

    How Our Logo Design Company Can Help You Grow?

    The majority of SMB (Small & Medium-Sized Business) owners have keen business acumen. It’s a requirement that helps them achieve maximum success with limited resources. Our Logo design company has tailor-made plans based on your budget as well as preferences. We understand the need for moderation, but a great design is always priceless.

    A logo defines your company, acting as a starting point for the entire theme of your business. It is present on everything, from your website to your products. Sometimes revamping an old logo can turn even a stagnant brand into a new titillating discovery for your customers. And maybe that’s just what you need. Capsicum Mediaworks specializes in delivering every type of logo:

    Letter Marks/ Monogram Logo Design

    Quick, think of a few logos that only have letters in their logos? You should at least be able to think of one renowned brand. Here are a few examples of HP and HBO! Letter Marks Logo takes minimalism to heart. Their simple design usually highlights the initials of business with long names. Typography is another essential aspect of Letter Marks that designers at Capsicum Mediaworks have mastered. We understand that even the simplest design requires complete attention. Monograms are easier to design and replicate across all media, as well as products.

    Word Marks/ Logotypes Logo Design

    Word Marks are Letter Marks with a twist. Although it is a font-based logo design, Word Marks are more focused on making the design pop. Google and Visa are two of the most successful examples of Word Marks brand logo. A start-up or a new SMB can benefit from the Word Marks. It provides them with a much-needed edge in this competitive business-oriented world. Our talented team can work their magic with typography and turn a few letters into a living-breathing representation of your brand.

    Abstract Logo Marks Design

    One of the most widely used logo design format, Abstract Logo Marks, uses geometric shapes. Pepsi’s abstract logo design is one of the finest examples of an abstract logo. The global commerce industry prefers abstract logo marks. Often businesses have names that do not translate well into pictures. It can be a bit challenging to design a unique abstract logo, so they usually fall into the lap of professionals. Our team revels in such challenges. It’s a freestyle which allows them to work with more resources, which results in some truly fascinating Logo designs.

    Pictorial Marks/ Logo Symbols

    Another commonly used logo design type, Pictorial Marks, is a graphic based logo. Whenever you think of the word logo, you think of Pictorial marks. For example, the Twitter bird or the Apple logo. The most imperative aspect of deciding the picture is what it represents – does it invoke emotions or tell a story or just a depiction of your brand name. While you might be able to pull off a Letter Mark Logo, a Pictorial Marks is much complicated and requires professional designers. Our logo designing company gives you access to some creative minds that can turn your idea into a Brand Logo.

    Mascots Logo Design

    As the name suggests, Mascot Logo Design focuses on creating an illustration. Mascots can be cartoonish, life-life, funny, or a combination of all three. These are ideal for brands that focus on providing children and family-centred services. Our logo design company has come up with some stellar Mascot design for our clients in the past. We enjoy the challenge of designing a one-of-a-kind and out-of-this-world Mascot Logo to represent your brand. In short, we can bring your brand’s mascot to life without the need for ghastly costumes.

    Combination Marks

    Doesn’t the name say it all? It combines all the Logo Design types, except the Emblem. Very few brands have successfully mastered this logo design. Essentially, it is combining a brand’s name or tagline with the pictorial mark, mascot, or abstract mark. Our talented team of logo designers consider it a great strategy as it makes it much easier for people to associate your brand name with the logo. Taco Bell and Burger King are the most iconic examples of Combination Marks.

    Emblem Logo Design

    Emblems logo use typography or font inside symbols and icons. They look quite like embellished badges: Starbucks is an iconic example of Emblem design. While many consider Emblems to be outdated, they are the first choice for educational institutions or government agencies. These emblems can also be seen in some vintage cars. Not only are they attractive, but they can also help add authenticity to your business. We help you choose the right design, be it emblem or the after designs.

    Some of Our Best Logo Designs

    Want to Hire Capsicum Mediaworks Team?

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    • 35+ Strong Member Team.
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    Why 650+

    Clients Trusted Us

    We offer the choicest of Website Design, Graphic Design, SEO, Logo design & Marketing Services.

    Why Does Every Business Need Logo Design Services?

    Professional Logo Design Grabs Attention & Establishes Brand Authenticity.

    Many business owners and organizations do not consider logo design an essential expense. They think of it as a waste of their time, money, and resources. Many fail to realize it’s the importance and pay for it, with lack of leads and impressions.

    Be it, clients or customers, people expect a professional organization to have a logo. Time and again, people have shown a preference for an organization with an expertly designed logo when compared to a crudely put-together logo.

    As a logo designing company that believes in providing the best to their clients, we ensure that our designers churn out a logo that accurately represents your brand.

    Depending on your goals, our Logo Design Services can help you design:

    • Eye-catching logos that leaves a lasting impression.
    • Relevant logos that tell customers your brand’s story.
    • Corporate logos, which help add credibility, turning your organization into a brand.
    • Unique logos that help make your brand easily identifiable.
    • Professional logos that build and fosters brand loyalty.

    Capsicum Mediaworks doesn’t shy away from challenges. We have managed to turn some rough designs into art, receiving appreciation from our clients. We can turn your messy ideas into a corporate brand logo. And if you want to take it a step further and optimize your entire website with new designs, we have a solution for that as well. Our graphic designers get the credit here. You can check their capabilities by visiting our graphic design services portfolio.

    Interested? Get your FREE Proposal on how we can help you with Logo Design

    Professional Logo Design Breathes Life & Credibility In Your Brand

    What To Expect From Us?

    We Help You Express Your Brand Through Strategic, Relevant, & Stunning Logo Designs.

    Capsicum Mediaworks works with certain values, with client satisfaction and results-driven design at the front and centre. These values are shared by our logo designers who aren’t satisfied until their client is. So, we haven’t stressed the point of hiring the best logo designers in India for nothing.

    We create high-quality eye-catching logos, meant to establish a brand’s identity boosting their credibility and building a loyal customer base in time. As an established brand ourselves, we have worked with clients from different industries, designing logos that transcend reality. We can help you create a brand image that surpasses your competitors.

    So, what can our experienced designers do for Your Brand? They can build a masterful logo design crafted to wow your audience. There are a plethora of elements that a designer needs to manage while helping you create a Brand Image, but the journey starts with the business Logo. Based on your preferences, our brilliant team will help you reach that untapped potential:

    • Create not just an eye-catching but a strategic logo for maximum impact.
    • Build a creative custom logo that gels well across all media.
    • Design a spectacular logo that stands out from the competition.
    • Create a logo that matches your Brand’s ideals.
    • Design a striking logo based on your business requirements.
    • Provide constant updates with every modification.
    • Revamp your old logos, turning them into compelling brand logos.

    Our Esteemed Clients

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    • Groupdeal
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    • Khushi
    • Live Football
    • Phonic Smart
    • Roger Drego
    • Vaxin
    • Vision Asia
    • WYO
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    • Zoomin

    Want to Hire Capsicum Mediaworks for Your Next Project?

    Call Us Now on +91 98330 94626 or WhatsApp Us or send us an email to hello [at] capsicum [dot] in to discuss your project further!

    • 35+ Strong Member Team.
    • 650+ Clients Served Globally.
    • 10+ Years of Experience.
    • 23+ Int’l Countries Served.

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