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    Posted By | Updated August 30, 2022

    On 22nd August 2022, the Google Search Central Twitter account announced the latest core web vitals report addition, which is a significant improvement over the previous reports. With this update, users can see URL-level data in example URLs.

    In addition, Google has simplified the text to make it clearer, easy-to-understand. Google Search Central also shared a screenshot of a report, giving users a glimpse of this new change in effect.

    Tweet-Google Search Central

    Tweet Link: Google Search Console

    The core web vitals report categorises URL performance by status, metric types, and URL groups.

    Consider the following screenshot:

    CLS Issue

    Let’s define and understand these metrics used to measure the performance of URLs.

    • URL status: It is the status assigned to a URL based on its speed. The status assigned can be Good, Needs Improvement, or Poor.
    • Status metric: URLs performance is measured for factors such as LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift).
    • URL groups: Pages with similar user experiences are grouped in the report. With the assumption that all these similar URLs share a common framework, the console assigns metrics and status at the group level.

    The following screenshot displays the metrics that help measure the performance of an URL. Users can use Google’s guide to get a rough idea of these values.

    Status Metrics

    Core Web Vitals’ data has proved to be effective in helping websites improve their performance. Google has shared a few examples backed by studies and statistics that support the importance of page performance. The data collected from different sources suggests users are less likely to abandon the page, leading to an increase in page views per session. This can help improve domain rankings and increase conversion rates and advertising revenues.

    Core Web Vitals data

    This new addition to the core web vitals report offers digital marketers and SEO agency in Mumbai the opportunity to view URL-level data, which offers deep insights into the workings of the website and suggestions for how it can be improved.

    Learn more about this latest Core Web Vitals addition with Google’s in-depth official guide.

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