20 Ingenious Examples of Personal Logos and Branding

    Graphic designers are the backbone of building a good customer experience. Without good graphics, websites would feel like barren desert lands. And it may be hard to believe, but people don’t understand the process of creating a design and what goes into it. They think it is pretty much like waving a magic wand. Once you do that, a logo or design magically appears.

    Graphic designers all over the world would love for that to be true. They could also do without the sleepless nights, fretting over their next design. But it is not the case, the designers adore what they do. The task of designing an ideal product is a gruelling task. It can take days of careful consideration.

    Often Graphic design in Mumbai who craft marvellous designs for their clients are stumped when it comes to creating their own personal logo and branding design. Their minds are so full of ideas that it can be a bit confusing and difficult to settle on a particular theme or logotype. And that’s when the questions arise:

    • Should the logo have a bold font?
    • Should I add an Illustration?
    • What colour schemes would be effective?
    • Should I design something extravagant, or should I settle for a minimalist design?

    Only the designers themselves can find the answers to these. And believe it or not, the answers only arrive once the creative process begins. That’s when the artist can discard a few ideas that don’t work with their brand’s image. The best bet is to design a personal logo that perfectly showcases all your best skills. The detailed logo with branding templates alone will act as your portfolio for the clients.

    Let John Calvin tell you why any colour you pick is happy happenstance.

      “There is not one blade of grass, there is no colour in this world that is not intended to make us rejoice.”
      John Calvin

    Before you dive into our curated list of ingenious personal log and branding examples, give some thought to Ernest Barbaric quote. His words emphasize the importance of creating for passion and not for recognition or fame or even money. It also reminds us of the age-old adage of “If you build it, they’ll come.”

      “Create. Not for the money. Not for the fame. Not for the recognition. But for the pure joy of creating something and sharing it.”
      Ernest Barbaric

    Create a style and stay true to it. Let it show in your brand’s image. The right client will recognize your expertise and admire your skills and designs.

      “The object of the artist is the creation of the beautiful. What the beautiful is is another question.”
      James Joyce

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    Julia De Belli’s Creative Logo Design

    Julia De Belli’s

    On the first look, it looks like any other branding logo, but upon closer inspection, you’ll notice the light red part of the logo encrypts the artist’s initials J and B. When you look at it, you’ll see the letter J. But when rotated, it also becomes a B. We have shared a GIF image to show you the ingenuity of this minimalist creative graphic logo design.

    Julia De Belli’s Logo-design

    • Ignacio Ravanal’s personal branding template follows the same guidelines, turning his initials into his brand identity.
    • Giuliane Cerón’s personal branding template also converts her brand image into a stunning minimalistic personal brand logo.

    Eleonora Mancini’s Abstract Personal Brand Logo

    Julia De Belli’s Logo-design

    Eleonora Mancini has succeeded in adding life to her stunning business card. It is a live presentation of corporate branding. An inspiring idea, it is bound to start a trend that artists would love to jump on. The abstract multicoloured design has been displayed on Eleonora’s choice of canvas, with colours that appear to be flowing on the paper.

    On her profile, the artist has also shared these stunning design mock-ups of her personal logo.

    Julia De Belli’s Logo-design

    Alfred Lundqvist’s Creative Eye-popping Personal Logo

    Alfred Lundqvist’s

    Alfred Lundqvist is one graphic designer who knows how to create designs that pop. Designers who find delight in using vibrant colours to grab your client’s attention stand to learn a thing or two from this spectacular design. This design has it all, clean lines, the vibrant yellow colour, the perfect font, and a professional look. These are all characteristics required for corporate logos and branding.

    In digital format, Alfred’s name comes to life! As the rectangle pops out into a cuboid shape.

    Alfred Lundqvist’s Logo

    Karina Ceccato Milani’s Illustrated Personal Logo

    Karina Ceccato Milani's

    Adding a personal touch to the logo, illustrators can use their own likeness to create an illustration that can be paired with a stylish font. Karina Ceccato Milani combined her artist’s talents, creating a minimalist illustration, wonderfully represented in shades of blue. She has added a final touch to the design by adding red-orange and salmon colours, creating a perfect blend of illustrations and corporate branding.

    Take a look at the logo on this elegant khaki envelope. Even without the subtle colours, the design shines through even on neutral coloured surfaces.

    Alfred Lundqvist’s Logo

    Amanda Marie’s Pastel Personal Logo

    Amanda Marie’s

    Amanda Marie has designed this understated wonder, painted with pastel colours that blend beautifully with the bold typography. Anecdotal evidence suggests that pastel colours create a peaceful and calming environment, suitable for corporate and other professions that expect a tranquil atmosphere. Such designs translate well across all media, from digital to print.

    In the below example of her product’s personal branding, you’ll notice that the artist has tweaked the colours, chosen a darker version to add a bit of variety.

    Amanda Marie’s logo

    Keller Biolo’s Creative Logo Design

    Keller Biolo’s

    Some artists like Keller Biolo work best with the darkest of colours, fashioning inspiring artwork that others look up to. Keller Biolo has created an eye-catching design with a perfect blend of black and electric violet colours. The logo has the artist’s name displayed in a highly readable font, paired with a minimalist netted design that pulls the entire look together.

    To give you an idea of how this logo translates into reality, we have shared Keller Biolos’s personal branding template below:

    Keller Biolo’s Logo

    Ellen Halim’s 3D Signature Logo Design

    Ellen Halim’s

    Long before James Joyce came up with the proclamation, Margaret Wolfe Hungerford had already coined the famous quote, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”

    Ellen Halim’s personal log design showcases her design in the 3D, with her initial popping out on both paper and on-screen. Even without the 3D effect, personal logos like this one create a lasting impression upon the viewer. It has a very vintage feel to it. However, the artist hasn’t used the exact same on the stationary branding templates. She has instead chosen to use a subtler version of her design, suitable for corporate clients.

    Ellen Halim’s

    Regina Julian Stunning Illustrated Personal Logo

    Regina Julian

    Regina Julian, an exceptional illustrator, inspires artists to put their pen to paper and sharpen their drawing skills, turning their image into a brand. Regina Julian has drawn her own illustration on a business card, displaying her expertise. The artwork is one part of her personal logo. The other parts include a monogram and her name in black and bold font, visible for all to see. These can be used with or without the illustration.

    We have shared Regina Julian’s template for her logo without the illustration:

    Regina Julian’s template logo without illustration

    Here’s another look at how the illustrated logo translates in print:

    Regina Julian’s illustrated logo in print

    Yulay Armao Illustrated Animated Personal Logo

    Yulay Armao

    Be it personal or professional logos, you can share your logos on one of the numerous platforms on the internet. They can be tailored to specific events or festivities to spread more awareness about the brand. Like Regina Julian, Yulay Armao’s has turned her likeness into her brand. She has paired it with a simple font that displays her name and profession. Follow her lead to create some of the best designs you’ll ever make. Add the highest level of personalisation to your business and personal logos, creating a brand logo that speaks to people.

    We have shared Yulay Armao’s branding templates, which showcase how beautifully the designs translate into print. The entire theme, including the illustration, font, and colours, go well together.

    Yulay Armao

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      Joaquin da Silva Dynamic Personal Logo

      Joaquin da Silva

      Joaquin da Silva’s dynamic logo showcases some of his best work inside a frame made out of his name. The internet offers one of the best platforms to find new clients and showcase your talents. You can leverage these tools to publish your own dynamic design, taking inspiration from artists of Joaquin da Silva’s calibre. Shown below is a static format of each of his design projects showcased in the centre of a bold white alphabet frame that boldly displays his name. This design should get your creative juices flowing, helping your brain come up with ideas no one has ever seen before.

      Joaquin da Silva Logo

      Renata Sartori’s Stylish Personal Logo Design

      Renata Sartori's

      As a branding agency in Mumbai, we understand that a personal logo can be just a name. But its popularity depends on how it is displayed. Sometimes, all it takes is the right font on a blank piece of paper. But customers need more than a white sheet, they need to be wooed by brands, and it includes presenting them with a logo that appeals to them. A premium sheet coloured in the shade of Lilac Bush is not only more presentable but tells the customer or client that you are willing to go the extra mile.

      The following branding templates showcase Renata Sartori’s design in print:

      Renata Sartori's Logo

      Luiz Arthuso’s Rustic Charcoal Inspired Personal Logo Design

      Luiz Arthuso's

      We present you with a charcoal inspired masterpiece, created by an experienced designer Luize Arthuso. His expertise shines through his work, particularly through this personal logo, which gives the appearance of showcasing his initials L and A. He has taken the design to a new level by creating several charcoal triangular textured shapes. So, rather than sticking to just the charcoal initials logo, he can create visually dynamic designs, gaining recognition for his style. Find the right fit for your design and emphasize it in your personal logo. It tells people what you are all about.

      Take a look at all the charcoal shapes and textures. These turn a premium white sheet into a brand identity.

      Luiz Arthuso's logo

      Alana Boeira’s Playful Personal Logo Design

      Alana Boeira's

      Alana Boeira personal logo design is a breath of fresh air amongst the corporate logos with little to no personality. Like Karina Ceccato, Regina Julian, and Yulay Armao, she decided to be a part of her brand in a huge way. She used her likeness for creating a quirky illustration to match her fun artform and designs. One look at these business cards and customers are hooked. Personal logos don’t necessarily have to be all about elegance. Art is about heart, putting some life into your design but creating logos in your signature art form.

      Take a look at how stunning her colour scheme looks on paper.

      Alana Boeira's logo

      Leonardo Gubbioni’s Minimalist Personal Logo Design

      Leonardo Gubbioni’s

      Leonardo Gubbioni’s professional logo is a credit to his artistry. To showcase his personal logo, he has added a scenic background, with a dark layer of transparency which goes well with his theme. The artist’s name and design are displayed in a beautiful shade of the colour Amaranth. On his templates, the artist has used a gradient technique to emphasize his dark themes. This paired with his logo helps him pull off this corporate design, which many businesses would compete to own.

      Leonardo Gubbioni’s

      Guilherme Vissotto Calligraphy Imbued Personal Logo Design

      Guilherme Vissotto

      Calligraphy artists can take the design to a completely next level by creating a font that suits a business theme across all media. Guilherme Vissotto is one such artist who has managed to turn a common design into an impactful personal logo that appears to be dipped in gold. The gold font, paired with the dark background, seals the deal. And as you turn it over, you’ll find the artist’s name displayed on the white premium sheet, in complete contrast to the dark front. Look at how well the design translates in print. Try playing with gold font and dark background. You can add one more skill to your resume by learning some calligraphy. It will help you bring your ideas to life.

      Guilherme Vissotto logo

      Estevão Designer Dark themed Personal Logo

      Estevão Designer Dark themed

      Simple and effective, two things that aptly describe Estevão Designer’s digital logo. It uses a bold white font with a monogram and a moving ball in the shade of the colour Han purple. The clean design looks marvellous on mugs and branding stickers.

      Estevão Designerg

      We have also shared Estevão Designer’s stationary template for you to see:

      Estevão Designer’s stationary template

      Lekso Mamatsashvili’s Innovative Personal Logo

      Lekso Mamatsashvili's

      In digital media, Lekso Mamatsashvili’s personal logo is a treasure chest inspiring people to fashion jewels of their own. The business card seems like it is digitized with dancing lights, but it is simply a trick of lights. It makes one wonder what else you can do with a premium black sheet and mind full of ideas, waiting to be turned into reality. The artist’s name itself appears in a small font at the bottom of the business card. Now, this may not work with all cards, but it goes well with this design. People will remember it. The bag template below shows how the design looks printed on a bag.

      Lekso Mamatsashvili's logo

      Lara Done’s Personal Logo with delightful Play on Words

      Lara Done's

      Lara Done presents us with an intriguing personal logo with a one-of-a-kind logo design. The play on her surname is quite obvious and counts on a customer’s curiosity on why “Lara. Is. DONE.” Once they find out why she is, they will probably never forget the design, which is her brand. Such unique ideas are deserving of the attention they receive. Artists everywhere should thrive to fashion their own unique brand of designs. Let’s take a look at the textured multi-coloured gradient in the background. By itself, it would have been beautiful. But for some reason, the background looks as if it was made for Lara’s logo.

      Silent Dzns’ personal logo design also appears to have taken the same path and created a logo that plays on his name Silent.

      Juri Kim Colourful Personal Brand Logo

      Lara Done's

      Juri Kim is another artist who isn’t afraid of flaunting multiple colours in her personal logo. Her chick style happens to be in line with the industry’s latest logo standard. The multicoloured background paired with the artist’s initials is bound to make an impression on both customers and clients. In order to give you a better idea of how well the logo adapts to the print, we have shared Juri Kim’s stationary template.

      Lara Done's

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      VASK’s Neon Green Creative Corporate Personal Logo

      VASK's Neon Green

      The last on our list is another dark themed logo designed by Vask. The addition and strategic use of neon green colour brought the best out of this personal logo design. The brand’s name is displayed on the logo, combined with a neon monogram wherever necessary. Often the monogram is in black on a neon background, which you can see on the branding template from Vask.

      VASK's Neon Green logo

      Here’s another look at how the logo can appear on promotional products such as a mug or Id strap.

      VASK's promotional product logo

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