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    Posted By | Updated March 27, 2024

    Keeping up with search engine updates is crucial in the fast-paced online business world. Google, the leading search engine, has just launched its March 2024 Core Update and new spam policies. These changes seem to have big implications for businesses online. Let’s break down the key points, the new policies, and what businesses can expect in the future.

    A] March 2024 Core Update Overview:

    The March 2024 core update represents a significant evolution in how Google evaluates content quality and relevance in search results. Unlike previous updates, this update involves changes to multiple core systems, leveraging innovative signals and approaches to prioritise helpful, people-first, and reliable content. The focus is on showing less content designed to attract clicks and more content that users find genuinely useful.

    Google Search Central

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    B] Google’s March 2024 Spam Policies:

    Google has introduced three new rules to crack down on harmful spam practices in its March 2024 update:

    Expired Domain Abuse

    This rule targets people who buy expired domain names to trick Google’s search engine. They do this by turning the old domain into a website with poor-quality content that has nothing to do with what the domain used to be about. Google warns against this, saying it messes up search results and advises against buying expired domains just to improve rankings.

    Expired Domain Abuse

    Image Source: Google Search Central

    Scaled Content Abuse

    Here, Google is going after those who flood the internet with lots of low-quality content just to climb up the search rankings. Whether it’s made by an AI or a person, if the content doesn’t offer much value to users and is only there to trick search engines, it’s a no-go. Google stresses the importance of quality over quantity and urges creators to focus on making content that truly helps users.

    Scaled Content Abuse

    Image Source: Google Search Central

    Site Reputation Abuse

    This rule targets websites that publish content from third parties without checking it properly. Google doesn’t like it when these third-party pages try to manipulate search rankings by using signals from the main website. They want websites to be transparent and make sure any content they publish serves the users, not just the website’s ranking.

    Site Reputation Abuse

    Image Source: Google Search Central

    Content creators must review all of Google’s spam policies and ensure they aren’t engaging in such practices. Sites that violate these policies may rank lower in search results or even be excluded entirely. If affected by a spam manual action, site owners will receive a notice through their registered Search Console account and can apply to have the action reconsidered.

    C] Looking Ahead: Changes and Challenges

    Looking ahead, as Google rolls out its March 2024 updates, web creators face upcoming shifts and obstacles. The purpose of these updates is to enhance search quality and combat dishonest practices. Businesses must adjust to evolving rules and algorithms to stay visible and relevant online. Challenges ahead may involve understanding new algorithms, following spam policies, and staying competitive. Adapting strategies and staying informed will be key to success in the evolving digital landscape.

    D] Will Your Website Pass Google’s New Spam Policy Standards?

    Designed to combat deceptive practices, Google’s latest spam policies target every possible exploitation. Websites must prioritise authenticity and user value to avoid penalties like lower search rankings or exclusion. Understanding and sticking to these policies is essential for online visibility and credibility.  Take the time to audit your website to ensure compliance with Google’s new spam policies. Check for any potential violations and make necessary adjustments to maintain visibility in search results.

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