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    Posted By | Updated December 20, 2022

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    Before the continuous scrolling update for google search results page was introduced, a specific google search result page only displayed around 10 organic listings. Users had the option to visit the next pages if they desired. However, now, with the introduction of continuous scroll, Google has made it easy to find relevant results on the first page.

    Google has been historically experimenting with the number of results that can be shown on a page at a single time. The continuous scrolling on the desktop will allow users to see continued results and get more helpful and relevant search results with just a few clicks.

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    The feature will make more information available to the users. Similar to the mobile version of the feature, the feature will be initially made available for English queries in the US. It will later make its way to more people and regions. Google will automatically load the next batch of search results on the page once the user scrolls to the bottom of the current page.

    In 2008, Google asked searchers whether they would prefer more or fewer results on the search console page. When they were given more search results, they searched 20% less. But this may have slowed down the load times.

    Google often fills the first page of its search console with results including ads, featured snippets, media boxes, and other features. And this update is being considered a win for regular web pages. The desktop search results will be more like mobile updates. They will let the users endlessly scroll through multiple pages. This will give the searchers the ability to scroll through six pages of data at once, thus increasing their likelihood of seeing more results.

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    *Image Reference: Google Search Liaison

    The tech giant confirmed that the rollout of this new Search Engine Landing page results will automatically highlight relevant research on the main page. This will make the Google search experience more consistent and efficient. However, the new feature is expected to impact reporting. After updating the mobile search results for continuous scrolling last year, Google notified that there was no difference in its Search Console.

    Why is the “Continuously Scrollable” feature significant?

    Google is bringing a new feature, continuous scrolling to desktop search results. The website will automatically load six pages of results for the relevant search before prompting them to click for further search.

    This new feature will encourage users to look and search beyond the first few results available on the Google search console and scroll through more results.

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