Google Launches 8 New TLDs Including One For PHD Holders

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    Posted By | Updated June 14, 2023

    Recently, Google Registry announced that they are adding eight new Top Level Domains (TLDs). Google has added many highly valuable TLDs in the past, such as .mom, .store and .book, and now they have added eight more to the list.

    These TLDs have the potential to be highly valuable for their respective niches. Let’s see what the new top-level domains are and what purpose they serve.

    • .phd

    This website extension is for anyone who has completed their doctorate degree and wants to have a website dedicated to their achievements, accomplishments and plans. It can be used by professionals to showcase their credentials and expertise.

    • .prof

    .prof can be used by college and university professors to showcase their career highlights, post educational content, college activities, publications, research and much more. They can also use this to build a community surrounding their subject for students to interact with.

    • .esq

    The .esq is a secure domain address for lawyers and law firms. They can use this domain in conjunction with relevant keywords to rank higher on local SEO. It can be used to provide legal help, education, news etc.

    • .dad

    .dad is a secure domain that can be used by a dad who wants to start a blog about parenting. This domain can also be used by someone who wants to give a website as a gift to their father, which might include photos, stories and memories as an online album. The .dad domain can be great for websites celebrating fatherhood.

    • .foo

    This domain extension is meant for developers. .foo is interchangeable with anything as change is inevitable while programming.

    • .Nexus

    .Nexus is for developers and tech geeks who want to stand out in the tech space. It is safe and secure and can be used for creating an online hub.

    • .Zip

    .Zip is set to provide web space for hosting content that needs to be done with speed. It is used by techies for merging or compressing content and moving them really fast.

    • .Mov

    .Mov is perfect for movies, videos and clips. It can be used by marketing professionals to showcase exciting video content or by creators to showcase their work.

    All of these domains will be available to the public at an annual subscription rate from the 10th of May. Anyone can register these domains from their registrar of choice. There are also templates available for graduates, professors and parents so it becomes easier for anyone to get their websites live.


    *Image Source: Google Blog

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