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    Posted By | Updated November 30, 2022

    Google is rolling out a set of new features for local search, along with new tools to assist journalists to produce locally-relevant stories.

    When searchers look up the queries such as “news near me,” they should be able to quickly access local news they are looking for.

    Google is all set to release new and upgraded tools for businesses to produce more work that is tailored to the digital medium. Let’s have a brief overview of the elements Google is rolling out. In response to the rising demand for local news, Google is adding this feature to their search results, thus making it easy for people to find locally relevant stories.

    Local News In Google Search: New Features

    Google has rolled out new features that will make it easier for individuals to discover content from local news publishers.

    • Local News Carousel – In the new update, Google will be displaying a carousel that will be entirely dedicated to local news stories that will be relevant to the user’s query.
    • Top Stories Carousel – This section will include authoritative local news sources that will appear more often in the Top Stories carousel. This section will be typically reserved for stories from national publications.
    • Thorough Understanding of Topics – Google is refining its capacity to link broad topics with local stories. This section will involve stories about the searcher’s local areas.
    • Local Tweets – Searchers for local news will be able to surface tweets by local or authoritative publications and journalists.

    New Tools For Local Reporters

    In addition to the search feature, Google is also aiming to help journalists by equipping them with locally relevant data that can be added to their stories.

    • Census Mapper Project: An embeddable map, the tool will help to display Census data at the national, state and county level, as well as census tracts.
    • Common Knowledge Project: The new version of this existing tool, enables journalists to explore local data and integrate feedback. These new features also include geographic comparisons and new charts as well as visuals.

    Google is set to invest in developing more features and tools to assist local news publishers to produce more engaging stories.

    The new local search capabilities will also include the ability to search their surroundings using their phone’s camera. The company is now gushing about its new innovative local search updates. While these updates are now available, let’s have a rundown of the local search updates-

    • Updates for local search
    • Search with live view
    • Google Maps live view search

    Google Search with Live View will allow the user to use the phone camera to identify information related to places around them. It will also provide a filter option that will help in searching the specific results related to the query. These new features of Google are available for Android as well as iOS.

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