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Mota Italic

WooCommerce, WordPress Development, Responsive Website Design


Building A Bespoke & Versatile Website For A Lasting Digital Presence

Mota Italic is a type design studio specializing in creating fonts that are meticulously refined to withstand the aesthetic & technical test of time. They have created numerous bespoke fonts for many esteemed clients and corporations. Plus, they have worked with art directors and engineers from a variety of large companies, agencies and even other type foundries.

Web Services

  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress Development
  • Responsive Website Design

The Challenge

We were entrusted to create a fully customized website for Mota Italic that was sophisticated & versatile and showcased different types of font designs is a visually pleasing format without comprising of quality and the browsing experience.

The Solution

The challenge with creating a website for Mota Italic was that it needed to look elegant and refined while at the same time be lightweight and fast-loading in order to incorporate the various Font designs with ease. Our team worked round-the-clock to come up with a design that was intuitively navigable and feature-rich and which displayed each Font in vibrant colours without losing their uniqueness.

Mota Italic

The Result

A highly-responsive website that was stylish and flexible and that made the client’s task of showcasing limitless fonts a painless job. We crafted a bespoke website for Mota Italic that had several pre-built features and included numerous custom elements so that the client could customize everything to his liking in a matter of minutes.

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