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    Posted By | Updated June 8, 2022

    We first heard about the Google Performance Max Campaigns on 16th December 2021. It started as an automated Google Ads campaign that allowed marketers to access all Google Ads channels through a single campaign. It includes YouTube, Google Display advertisements, Google Search advertisements, Google Discover, Gmail ads, and Maps.

    Google Ads
    • In order to create a Performance Max campaign, you have to provide data such as conversion goals. With conversion goals, you can define conversion actions and manage them. Furthermore, you have complete control over assigning a goal to each campaign.
    • Next, you have to provide the Performance Max campaign with Assets. These assets could be images, videos, logos, or headlines. The Performance Max campaign uses these assets from a specific asset group to automatically mix and match, creating combinations.
      It then creates high-performing combinations tailored for the Google Ads channel the ad will appear on. Keep in mind that an advertiser can create multiple asset groups. This provides numerous possible combinations to keep the automated ads fresh.
    • The audience signal is the last of three core features that make Google’s Performance Max tick. It helps you combine your business knowledge with Google’s automation and a deep understanding of buyers’ intent, preferences, and context.
      With the Audience Signals feature, you can add suggestions that can help improve the automated targeting. It ensures that the ads target the audience that are most likely to convert. In this manner, it helps you find new customers by casting a wider net for your target audience.

    Conversion goals, Asset groups, and Audience signals are three core features that have existed since the launch of the Google Ads Performance Max Campaign.

    On 24th May, around five months later, Google’s Ads Liaison Ginny Marvin tweeted about the latest Performance Max campaign update. It promised to roll out an additional feature, store sales goals. With this feature, marketers can effectively measure and optimise both in-store and eCommerce goals.

    The Burst Campaign is a complementary feature for in-store goals. With Burst campaigns, advertisers can display an advertisement for a specific time frame to reach their in-store goals.

    Googles Ads Liaison

    Google Performance Max campaign will now have an Optimization score – a feature that will be implemented globally. Advertisers will also see additional features such as detailed insights on their Performance Max campaigns featuring information about auctions, audience, and consumers. It will help them understand what’s driving the performance and utilize the data for future campaigns.

    In addition to these, Performance Max also features Experimentation tools. It compares Google Performance Max’s campaign to the existing comparable campaigns, showing us the difference. There’s also talk about launching a new feature, Hotel Advertising. With this update, hotels will have the opportunity to use Performance Max to promote their properties across all Google channels.

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