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    When it was first launched in 1995, Internet Explorer steadily climbed to the top, capturing the market of other established browsers such as Mosaic and Netscape. From the period between 1997 to 2008, Internet Explorer was the most used browser worldwide. But, in 2002, Mozilla launched Firefox, a browser that would slowly capture the user’s interest and reign for a while.

    Since then, the usage of Internet Explorer has been slowly declining. When Google launched Chrome, it followed the path set by IE and Firefox, growing steadily until it overtook all the browsers in the industry.

    Browser Usage Statistics for 1995-2022

    Graph showing the Rise and Decline of Internet Explorer

    Browser Usage Statistics for 1995 2022

    Supporting Browser Usage Statistics

    By 2022, 0.64% of the internet users were using Internet Explorer to browse. We have also shared supporting statistics on browser usage for IE, Firefox, and Google.

    YearsInternet ExplorerFirefoxChrome
    200284.5 3.50
    200387.2 5.70
    200573.8 22.4 0
    200758.535.9 0
    YearsInternet ExplorerFirefoxChrome

    Sources: W3Schools, James Eagle, and GsStatsCounter

    End of Support Announcement

    On May 19th 2021, Sean Lydersay, the General Manager of Microsoft Edge Enterprise, published a blog announcing that Microsoft would end support for the Internet Explorer 11 desktop application on June 15th 2022.

    At the time, Lyndersay wrote that the future of Internet Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge, which was launched in April 2015. Lynderday continued to sing praises of Microsoft Edge, stating that it offers a more secure, faster, and modern browsing experience.

    The future of Explorer on Windows 10 is in Microsoft Edge

    In August 2021, Microsoft’s apps, such as Microsoft 365, ended support for Internet Explorer 11. Here’s Microsoft’s timeline for the time of announcement to the retirement of Internet Explorer.

    Microsofts timeline

    Almost a year later, on 15th June 2022, a day before IE 11 was going to retire, Microsoft announced that it had ended support for its first web browser, the Internet Explorer.

    Microsoft ended support for the Internet

    Social Media Reactions

    People worldwide took to social media platforms to express their feelings about the announcement. Many people on Instagram found creative ways to offer a warm farewell.

    Social Media Reactions

    Sources: Unacademy, ALKO & The Cyber Security Hub

    Microsoft Edge also joined the masses and shared a tweet, thanking its predecessor and expressing its condolences on the discontinuation.

    Microsoft Edge

    While we are sad to see Internet Explorer go, we wonder if Microsoft shouldn’t have ended support sooner. For years, people complained about its slow loading speed, which never improved to the current standards. It’s time to see if Microsoft Edge delivers on the promise of being better.

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