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    Posted By | Updated February 25, 2022

    Typically, Google launches a new update several times every year. The recent May 2022 Core update (released on 25th May) has the SEO world anxious. With every core update, website owners see apparent changes in their performance on the search engine. Google’s primary objective in launching a new release is to refine the search results and provide valuable answers to the users.

    Google Search Central

    Danny Sullivan, the Public Liason for Google Search, reiterates the same. Core updates focus on keeping up with the constantly changing nature of the web/internet. He went on to say that the core updates do not target specific websites. However, the updates may lead to noticeable changes in website performance.

    Generally, with every core update, websites throughout the world experience fluctuations in their rankings. These core updates don’t usually affect all websites, but they do create a domino effect that topples some websites from their top SERP rankings. At the same time, other websites are rewarded with a spike in their rankings. Google’s Public Liaison confirms that core updates could reward websites that were previously overlooked and under-rewarded.

    The websites that experience a drop in their rankings will want to understand how they can improve their site to regain it. John Mueller, Google’s Search Advocate, shares the official Google guidelines on things website owners should know about Google’s Core Updates.

    Note: If a website’s performance is affected after a core update release, it doesn’t indicate that they have violated any of Google Webmasters’ guidelines. As stated before, the updates focus on bringing a positive change in the search results and Google’s performance.

    Besides, websites that wish to improve their performance can follow Google’s content quality guidelines.

    The previous Google Broad Core Update rolled out six months ago in November 2021. The successful rollout of the November 2021 core update gave us an insight into what Google is looking for. It is interested in rewarding deserving websites with high trust scores and authority.

    Website owners who have continued to update their website with valuable, long-form content and worked hard to achieve quality standards might see a pronounced improvement in their search rankings. However, those who have left their websites idle without contributing much may see a drop in their rankings.

    The May 2022 Google Broad Core Update will fully rollout in a week or two. Google will provide an update once the rollout is complete. Meanwhile, website owners can run a site audit or analysis to check if their website has seen any fluctuations. You can always wait for the rollout to complete before you take any actions.

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