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    Posted By | Updated July 19, 2022

    By migrating from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4, Google has taken a promising step toward equipping its marketers with tools that can help them better understand their audience. Google Analytics 4 brings more to the table, including four new parameters to help digital marketers and SEO experts understand user behaviour, specifically why the users are on their website.

    New Metrics Introduced by Google Analytics 4

    Bounce Rate

    In Google Analytics 4, Bounce Rate is the percentage of sessions during which the users don’t engaged with a site. Suppose a user visits your website, looks around for a few seconds and then promptly leaves. This session will be considered as bounced.

    This change allows marketers to better measure the levels at which the users engage with a particular site.

    Conversion Rate

    Marketers need to register or specify a conversion for the action they want to count as a conversion.

    For example, suppose you register contact form submission as a conversion event. Now, every time someone submits the contact form, a conversion will be registered.

    In Google Analytics 4, all instances of the conversion event are recovered, even if it happens multiple times during the same session.

    UTM Metrics: UTM term and UTM content

    UTM is short for Urchin Tracking Parameters. These are parameters added to website URLs to identify where the traffic is coming from.

    • UTM Term metric allows you to track specific keywords for all types of campaigns, paid or organic.
    • UTM Content allows marketers to see values assigned to UTM parameters for users (first user manual ad content) and session (session manual ad content). The term parameter allows users to see the values for users and sessions for manual terms.

    Marketers can find UTM Term and UTM Content in the Google Analytics 4 section – Exploration, Reporting, and Audience builder.

    Get the complete comparison between Google Analytics 4 and universal analytics metrics with Google’s official guide.

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