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    We all know that beautiful infographics are much more interesting as compared to long, plain text. It is the basic human tendency to associate more with anything that explains the same point with more visual appeal and less jargon.

    Which is why infographics have become such a big deal.

    The pictorial representation of the data, colorful backgrounds, short, to-the-point text, and easy to understand themes, are just some of the reasons why infographics have surpassed other digital marketing strategies in terms of popularity. And they are definitely here to stay.

    So if you haven't jumped on this bandwagon yet, it's high time you do!

    However, let me tell you this.

    Creating and publishing just ANY infographic won't make it go viral. You need to make sure that your infographic is one-of-a-kind and offers something that is not available anywhere else. Seems like a tough job, right?

    The truth is, it is tough, but not impossible.

    If you know all the secret ingredients for making viral infographics, which we are familiar with as a web design agency in Mumbai, there will be nothing stopping you from succeeding at the task. So why I am still explaining this in writing?

    Here is an infographic which explains all the tried-and-tested methods on
    how to create an infographic that will go viral.

    Download: Click Here to Download The PDF on How to make an Infographic and know the 27+ Secrets to Create a Viral Infographic.

    Viral Infographic

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    Create an awesome infographic with the help of these tips. Check out the 27+ Secrets about creating a Viral Infographic at a glance.

    If you are an old-timer who still prefers lengthy explanations, here are all the points explained in detail. Enjoy!

    Research About Your Target Audience

    Before you don your designer hat and start designing your infographic, take care of some important aspects that will help market your infographic better.

    The first thing you need to do is research about your target audience.

    • What are their common interests
    • What are their common queries?
    • How can you help them with your knowledge/experience/expertise?
    • Which topics entertain them the most?

    These are just some of the questions which will help you figure out what kind of infographic your target audience will enjoy, hence giving you an idea on what to focus on while making your own infographic.

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    Only Target Relevant/Popular Topics

    We all lead super-busy lives.

    We don't have time to invest in things that are not relevant to us. If your infographic does not offer your audience anything popular or relevant enough for them, they will not bother giving it a glance.

    Make sure you only choose topics which are popular among the masses, so that your infographic gets noticed and appreciated by the right people.


    The more relevant your infographic, the more it will be shared among people who matter.

    Create a Wire-frame of Your Infographic

    Don't be in a haste to get things done. Plan wisely, so that your end result is exactly how you want it to be.

    Just like a WordPress checklist can help you to successfully launch a WordPress website, by creating a wire-frame, you will get an idea of the structure for your infographic. Using this wire-frame you can devise a visual plan for your infographic and decide the position and length of your text and graphics.

    Be Original

    While it's fine to take inspiration from other infographics, the only way you will ever be able to make a mark with your infographic is when you stay original.

    Use your own imagination and research, to design your infographic so that it sets a benchmark for yourself or your organization. Or, hire an expert digital marketing agency in Mumbai to do the job for you.

    Tell A Story

    Everyone loves a good story.

    If you wish to share your experiences or results in the form of an infographic, you can do that by conveying them in the form of nice, little stories.

    A convincing story and an appealing infographic can work wonders for your brand, as they can truly attract more traffic, links and revenue to your website.

    Get Your Facts Right

    Don't believe everything you see or read on the internet.

    Giving out false information in your content is one of the worst crimes you can commit. So make sure you only gather data from reliable sources and if possible, confirm everything by double checking from two independent sources.

    Also, only include the latest data in your infographic because nobody really cares about statistics from 3-4 years back. Finally, dedicate a section at the end of the infographic to list your sources, to increase the credibility of your work.

    Think Outside the Box

    Just like everything else you produce, even in case of infographics, it's very important that you think out of the box.

    Your infographic needs to be extremely unique, and must contain new and more information than other infographics covering similar topics in your niche.


    The reason you are creating an infographic in the first place is to produce something which grabs your audience's attention immediately.

    Include More Visuals & Less Text

    The point of creating an infographic instead of filling pages with text, is to represent your content in a simplified and appealing manner.

    If your audience wanted long, plain text-based content, they wouldn't be here in the first place. So while creating your infographic, make sure you impress your audience with minimum text and maximum visuals

    Include relevant and important text in the form of pointers, so that it is easy to read and grasp.

    Make Use of Available Tools

    If you are unsure about designing your own infographic, there are several free tools available on the internet which can help you out.

    Here are a few popular ones;

    Choose a Suitable Font Type & Size

    The type and size of your font really matter when it comes to infographics.

    The right one can add weight and authority to your text and the wrong one can undermine it. Readability is also an important factor to consider when selecting the right fonts for your infographic.

    Try out different fonts and see how they look with the other components of the infographic. Also consider the tone of your content, and make sure you choose different fonts for your headlines and the body of text.

    Pack a Punch With the Headline

    A good headline can bring your infographic into the limelight, while a bad one can destroy it even before your audience decides to read the rest of it. Hence, a killer headline which gets the audience's attention immediately is absolutely necessary!

    If you are unsure about creating powerful headlines, take help from tools like CoSchedule. It will help analyze your headlines better so you only use the best ones for your infographic. You can also learn more about how to write awesome headlines that work, through their blog.

    Keep No Room For Errors

    Mistakes are always disastrous, especially when it comes to infographics. Before you finalize on your infographic, make it a point to go over the whole thing multiple times.

    Check for errors in spellings, grammar, design, colour, font, facts, statistics, etc, and only move ahead after you are certain your infographic is error-free.


    Any mistake in your infographic can give a negative and wrong impression about the seriousness and credibility of your brand to potential clients.

    Generate a Strong Emotion Through the Infographic

    If you want your infographic to connect well with your audience and go viral, then make sure it expresses some sort of strong emotion through it's content.

    Depending on your topic, try and create an emotional appeal of positivity, surprise, intensity, interest, etc, through your infographic.

    This will help you in connecting and engaging well with your audience. Just remember that it's more advisable to go for a positive sentiment rather than a negative or dispiriting one.

    Make Sure Your Design Complements the Tone of Your Content

    The graphics and design of your infographic will be the first thing people notice when they view it. So it's very important that it complements the tone of what you want to say through your infographic.

    If it speaks about a serious issue, don't fill it with fun and extremely colourful elements. Keep it nice and subtle to suit the topic.

    On the other hand, if your topic does not deal with anything serious and is meant for light reading, then colour it up and add fun elements to spice it up and make it more interesting.

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      Divide the Infographic in Sections/Parts

      If your infographic is nice and long, it would be advisable to divide it into different sections based on categories. You can split the infographic based on general text, statistics, examples, facts, pictures, etc.

      When the information is smartly divided and explained precisely without cramping everything haphazardly, it increases the chances of your infographic getting appreciated by the target audiences, and going viral.

      Show Data in the Form of Graphs & Charts

      Stating statistical data in plain text is very dull and boring, and may put off your audience from actually reading it.

      So the best way to represent your stats and important data is in the form of colourful, well-designed charts and graphs. Not only is it easier to show technical details through graphs, but they also make it easier for your audience to understand your infographic better.

      Try & Make Your Infographic Interactive

      This is one of the most definitive ways of ensuring that your infographic goes viral!

      An interactive infographic is the one which has one or many creative aspects that require or increase user engagement with it. Some of the commonly used interactive aspects used for creating infographics include;

      • Clicks & Rollover features to reveal further information
      • Transitions between pages or sections
      • Animated Data created using tools like D3 Javascript
      • Scrolling Effects

      You can refer to any of the many guides available on the internet which can help you in creating interactive infographics.

      Highlight/Focus on the Important Bit

      Every topic must have a central point or factor which can be smartly highlighted in the infographic in a way that it's the first thing to grab the reader's attention.

      Anything that you want your audience to notice and appreciate most, should be given special emphasis by visually enhancing its appeal. This way even your readers will know what to take away from your infographic.

      Stick To One Style Throughout

      There is no need to turn your infographic into a rainbow just to make it look more beautiful and interesting. Stick to only one style, and use similar shades of colours throughout, so your infographic looks and feels professional yet compelling.

      Don't try to stuff in different designs in the same infographic, as it will only over-complicate it. Save your ideas for the next infographic you work on. A single design style and color scheme are enough to make your infographic more appealing.

      Maintain a Visual & Cognitive Flow

      One of the most commonly overlooked aspects of designing a viral infographic is the
      maintenance of a consistent flow in the content. It's extremely important that you represent your data in a manner where it's easier for the audience to connect the dots.

      Therefore, your infographic should have a flow which takes your readers from one point to another seamlessly. Whether it is the hierarchy of your text or the logical flow of your visuals, it is critical that you maintain a visual and cognitive flow in your infographic.

      Take Care of SEO

      Yes, SEO is important even in case of infographics.

      Everything from your topic, your headlines, and the content you put in your infographic should be attractive enough to rank well in the search engines, once published. Our SEO Checklist can help you achieve this.

      Put extra emphasis on the design elements, and the inclusion of keywords into the accompanying text, to create a search engine optimized infographic and its content. If you are not sure about this then go have a look at our SEO Company in Mumbai to know how we can help.

      Add Your Company's Logo

      If you are producing an infographic for your own brand or company, to be published on your website, then it's a good idea to add your company's logo to it.

      This effort will give you very good returns if and when the infographic goes viral, as people will be able to identify your logo and brand as displayed on your infographic.

      Just ensure that the logo is subtle yet is prominently displayed so that it is noticeable, but not in-your-face.

      Learn how as a branding agency in India, we can help you create a memorable logo.

      Make It Big, Not Gigantic

      The point of creating an infographic is to display all your data in a short and concise manner, but if you go on and on about your topic even in your infographic, it kills the purpose altogether.

      Your infographic can have a reasonable length, but don't treat as an endless space in which you can fit anything and everything you want to say. You need to be smart about what you want to include, and what to exclude in your infographic and design it accordingly.


      The longer your infographic, the more are the chances that people will give up halfway through reading it.

      Include a Section For Sources

      Creating a viral infographic requires extensive research and reading.

      While researching for your infographic, make sure you save all the reference links and sources from where you got your data from. Once you have it all in one convenient place, you can easily compile and represent the data in your infographic.

      If you have taken help from various sources, don't forget to add a small section at the end of the infographic to cite these references, for other people to note, in case they wish to read more about something.

      Adding a separate section for sources also increases the credibility and honesty of your brand.

      Provide a Call-To-Action Button

      A good Call-To Action (CTA) will help in fulfilling the objective of creating a viral infographic.

      If you are offering something valuable through your infographic, make sure that your call-to-action button leads to a relevant landing page or download form, upon clicking.

      Since this CTA will be essential for your business, you need to design it in a way that is compelling for the readers, while also being of value to the flow of the infographic.

      Take some time to get the right font, size, colour, text and place, to ensure that anybody who reads your infographic, clicks on your Call-To-Action button, inevitably.

      Add Social Sharing Buttons

      As a social media marketing agency in India, we believe that social media is one of the best platforms to increase brand awareness and generate targeted leads.

      Which is why, you need to make the best of the various social networks present on the world wide web today, to share your content and make it go viral. The good news is, you can easily add your desired social sharing icons before your infographic so that people can share it with their friends and colleagues.

      The best place to add social sharing icons is between the title and the start/introduction of the infographic. Include these in your content and take it one step closer to going viral! We have also created an awesome Social Media Guide for easy reference.

      Create An Outreach Plan

      No matter how good your infographic is, it will not go viral magically.

      You need to work towards creating a viable outreach plan which will help your infographic get shared among the right audience. Some of the things which you need to consider while devising an outreach plan are;

      • Send personalized emails to your subscribers, talking about your infographic and telling them why they would enjoy it.
      • Include some of the best WordPress plugins like Click To Tweet to give your readers the option to tweet your content directly
      • Share your infographic in related groups on Facebook and other similar social networks to entice readers who'd enjoy your infographic.
      • Build strong connections which influential bloggers, as well as bloggers who write things related to your niche, so that they may publish and share your infographic on their website as well.

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      Create & Release a Social Media Copy Along with a Press Release

      Press releases are a great way of promoting your infographic and telling people about the story/research/reason/hard work behind creating it.

      When you release a press copy for your infographic, follow it up with a special social media copy as well. Optimize both these copies separately and especially to suit the individual platforms.

      You can make use of available tools such as Pitchengine, to create compelling social media copies for your infographic.

      Submit Your Infographic to Infographic-Specific Directories

      An age-old, tried-and-tested way of promoting your content naturally is by submitting it to relevant directories.

      Luckily, there are several free infographic-specific directories where you can submit your infographic and get some valuable backlinks. Here are some credible, free directories for infographics;


      Download: Click Here to Download The PDF on How to make an Infographic and know the 27+ Secrets to Create a Viral Infographic.


      While there are no hard rules for creating a viral infographic, following some basic and essential steps wisely, while researching, designing and promoting an infographic can play a vital role in making it viral.

      Just remember these 4 things;

      • Read and research well
      • Design wisely
      • Write creatively
      • Promote extensively

      And your infographic will be on its way to go viral!

      As a professional graphic design company in Mumbai, we can help you create viral infographics.

      Do you think we missed out on anything? Have any other suggestions?

      Drop us a comment below and we'll be happy to get back!

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