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    Posted By | Updated November 15, 2022

    Over the years, businesses have used the terms Google My Business & Google Business Profile to describe businesses-centric functionality offered by Google.

    A recent update has made it official. The name Google My Business has been replaced. Google Business Profile is the new and revamped name for the set of functions that offers businesses a chance to gain increased visibility on search engines.

    Apart from changing the name, Google has also tweaked the interface for the web search menu.

    What does the new change imply?

    How will it impact the way businesses manage their Google listing?

    Google has revamped its existing Google My Business and renamed it Google Business Profile. A spokesperson from Google said that they are integrating more change to keep things simple.

    The new interface is expected to be pretty simple. It will not have any impact on business and the way they manage their listings.

    While the Google My Business dashboard will be transitioning to support businesses with multiple listings, it will also allow organizations to manage their business profile directly. In order to manage their listing from Google Search, businesses will have to search for their business on the search console.

    The new update offers options to edit or update the business profile. From there, businesses can make direct changes to their listing, like updating information, creating Google Posts, and adding images.

    Google Business Profile: New Updates

    Businesses used to managing their listing through the Google My Business dashboard are likely to be a little bummed due to the new look and a few features that are going away. However, Google has announced that some new features will be added.

    • Messaging from the Search Console

    Last year, Google added a way to enable businesses to chat with their customers on Google Maps. And with this new update, they are adding the same feature on Google Search, too. With this, businesses will be able to see and respond to customer messages from Search or Maps.

    • Access to Detailed History

    Google is now providing detailed information, which has helped businesses get calls through their Business Profile. This can enable them to see the effectiveness of their listing.

    It’s Time to Make Your Google Business Profile Shine

    This new update is aimed at not only equipping the customers to find the company they are searching for but also at offering businesses access to tremendous analytical data that can assist them with marketing strategy.

    However, one thing is certain: Google will not stop rolling out changes and updates. By integrating these updates, businesses can make their listings stand out on the globe’s largest search engine and attract more customers.

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