17 Reasons Why Your Business, Needs an (Explainer Video)
    17 Reasons Why Your Business, Needs an (Explainer Video)

    As a web design company in Mumbai, we understand that individuals and businesses that seek information on goods and services have only one goal in mind – to get solutions to their problems in a quick and effective manner. Thus, websites have become the go-to resource and are a platform for round-the-clock engagement between the seller and prospective clients.

    However, your website must have certain attributes if you hope to make an impact in the global, online market space.

    Whether it is a blog or a product marketing website, it must help your current and potential clients/customers make decisions with effective data, facts, and figures and as such, Explainer Videos are one such technique that tackles this need in a thorough manner.

    Thus, the following reasons give credence to the fact as to why you require animated videos for business. So, read on effective internet marketing guides.

    What Is An Explainer Video?

    An explainer video is a short animated clip or video that conveys brand ideology. It gained prominence in the year 2007 when it helped explain the workings of the social media platform – Twitter. Creating explainer animated videos for business helps provide more depth and scope than ordinary writing can achieve and has the power of both visual and auditory sensory perceptions combined which gives your clients a lucid picture of your service or product.

    We Capsicum Mediaworks, an explainer video company in Mumbai can help you create engaging Whiteboard Animation & Explainer Videos for your business.

    So, now that you know what are Explainer videos, let’s take a look at the reasons why explainer videos are important for your business.

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    Videos Increases Visibility In Search

    Data is now the next big thing in the Communications and Information Technology sector. Individuals and businesses are driving growth in data streaming and downloads for purposes including leisure and business.

    Videos have a better click-through rate

    For business, the following statistics will give you food for thought. GetResponse conducted a research in this regard and the results showed that emails with video had a better click-through-rate than those without by as much as 96%. In other words, people watch videos! So you can give your website increased visibility by embedding videos and other media.

    Videos Are More Memorable

    Videos make your Brand Memorable

    Did we mention that explainer videos target both visual and auditory sensory perceptions? Yes, we did. Engaging these senses means the prospects for long-term memory retention increases. Thus, your product or service gains a foothold in the mind of prospective clients and current customers, which, in turn, leads to the continuous patronage of your product/service.

    Videos Can Amplify Your Brand

    Again, we need to take a closer look at the workings of an Explainer video. At its very core, an explainer video filter/distils often wide-ranging and complex ideas into a friendly package. This feature allows visitors to walk away with a better idea of what a company does and why its products or services are important. In short, it helps increase brand awareness.

    Videos help increase brand awareness

    The beneficiaries of this understanding are your brand and value propositions. So for the next time, a prospective client needs to sort out a need/want, your brand’s ethic and value come to the fore.

    Your Website Gets an SEO Boost

    As an experienced SEO Company in Mumbai, we can vouch for the fact that videos can help boosts your online presence tremendously.

    Videos take the next best position, after humans, in explaining things. You can inform and entertain while being respectful of the time of your viewers. One thing is certain, a video grabs the attention of users more successfully compared to written text.

    Videos Give Websites a SEO Boost

    Also, videos that are recognized by online social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter generate higher click-through-rates.

    People Don’t Read Anymore

    As sad as this point might sound, it is a present-day reality. According to research conducted by the National Endowment for the Arts in America, the reasons for this are broad and diverse and include lack of time, fatigue, difficulty in comprehending literature etc.

    Videos help boost Brand's Visibility

    However, can you guess what activity has risen over the years? It is Multimedia Streaming, centring on people viewing videos. So if you want greater visibility then having an explainer video for your business website is the way forward.

    Videos Improves Customer Engagement

    This point follows from No.5 above. If people are no longer reading, it means books and texts are not ideal media for engaging your current customers and prospective clients. And if multimedia is the new norm, it means videos have the inherent ability to attract your target markets.

    Videos Attract Audience Attention and Drives Engagement

    A well-crated explainer video draws attention to your website & retains attention and as a result, you give better visibility to your business value, mission, and vision statements. If viewers stay longer on your web pages, they are most likely to complete a transaction and make a return in the future time.

    Videos Boosts Conversion & Sales

    Research shows that the human brain processes visuals over 50,000 times faster than text and written materials. Yes, the difference is that huge! Throw in the fact that we are also moved by the sounds around us, then you can appreciate the power and reach of explainer videos.

    Video Content Boosts Conversion and Sales

    Do you desire high conversion rates and increased sales?

    • Make a concise video that addresses a specific need.
    • Let viewers see an authentic customer talk about your service or use your product.
    • Also, give them the opportunity to hear testimonials from satisfied users.

    In this way, visitors engage with your content and choose to take further action by converting into your sales funnel through an opt-in form, download, or registration. These steps more often lead to a final sale or the consummation of a transaction.

    Videos Builds Mutual Understanding

    In all business relationships, mutual understanding is a vital component. Before people give value in exchange for the product or service you offer, a number of things must take place such as;

    • Your service has to meet that certain customer need or demand.
    • Your target market must be comfortable enough to do business with you.
    Videos can be stored, shared and viewed on different electronic devices

    Hence, here an Explainer video can help you. With visual and auditory senses engaged, your clients are better able to reach a decision to trust you. Again, such videos can be stored and shared, so that your target market achieves a consensus.

    Video Appeals To Mobile Users

    The following statistics highlight the enormous potential growth of mobile phones in the world. Projections for 2017 show that close to 5 billion people will own a mobile phone. This number feeds on the fact that the smartphone is gaining popularity worldwide. Add to the fact that a great percentage of mobile phone users belong to the youth demographic and these millennials love short mobile videos than long-form content.

    Video Appeals To Mobile Users

    What do these figures portend for your website? It shows that people love to watch a video with their mobile device and with an explainer video on your blog or website, you have more chances to get viewers glued to your site for a longer period of time.

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      Google Loves Videos

      This point is self-explanatory. If one of the foremost search engines in the world places a great premium on videos, you can do no less!

      Google Loves Videos

      For starters, Google works with algorithms and formulas in ranking websites and pages. It has discovered that information shared in videos draw enormous traffic, especially, when such videos are structured and straight-to-the-point.

      Google earns huge revenues from clicks and leads conversions, hence its love for explainer videos and why you should love them too!

      Videos Increases Social Shares

      Watching a good video is a wonderful pastime. Not only are you informed and entertained, but you also have pleasant memories/recollections of the video itself and the after-effect of this feeling is the desire to share the video in question.

      Video Encourages Social Shares

      Your explainer video should aim to create such results and as such, make sure the video contains concise and clear information about your product/service. Also, embed the video in a format that makes it easy to pass it across any number of social media platforms.

      Videos Has Ability To Go Viral

      Going viral means sharing a piece of information many times, even in the millions, from when it is first posted. This happens because such a material piques the interest and attention of its viewers.

      An explainer video has the potential to go viral

      An explainer video has the potential to achieve this go viral status and all you need are quality content and simple features. These make passing the video across many social media platforms easy and stress-free, all at the touch-of-a-button.

      Videos Engages Even The Laziest Buyers

      Video Engages Even The Laziest Buyers

      Except for those with exceptional will and determination, many people prefer to take the less tenuous path to whatever goals they desire.

      This analogy plays out with explainer videos. People want choices and options presented in such a way that they are not bogged down with excess baggage and as such, a well-crafted explainer video engages even the laziest buyer to click on a link or perform a registration.

      Videos Helps Boost Traffic

      As an experienced digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we can tell you for a fact that the present-day online marketplace centres on the customer and prospective client. All marketing strategies and drives must bear the needs/wants of the market and thus, with regards to formulating policies like pricing and product availability, your explainer video must tow the same line.

      Explainer video increases your Referral Traffic

      Put yourself in the shoes of a customer pressed for time and a plethora of choices. Does your video enlighten him or her enough to make an informed decision based on the value your product/service offers?

      If your video answers this question in an effective manner, then your visitors will experience better engagement and this will, in turn, increase your referral traffic.

      Videos Help Build Trust

      An Explainer video helps build trust

      Your business builds from your unique selling point and your brand values/ethics. You must translate these beliefs into your explainer videos.

      • Show visitors why they should test your product/service.
      • Tell them the value they will receive in turn, for their time and resources spent.

      Your explainer videos should do more than communicate. It must build the trust factor to levels where transactions become long-term relationships.

      Videos Are Easily Shareable

      The engines that drive business growth and sales include quality product/services and excellent marketing strategies. Others are a solid team as well as strong work ethics. Beyond these, your website must gain needed visibility and reach and this is where an explainer video meets this basic need.

      Videos are Easily Shareable on different social media platforms

      Structure-wise, your video should be concise and pass information in a seamless manner. It should also have features and tools that make it easy for the video to move across any number of social media platforms.

      Need help with setting up social profiles across social media networks? As a social media agency in Mumbai, we can help!

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      Videos Converts Viewers Into Customers

      A well-thought-out explainer video carries out certain functions;

      • It enhances your site’s visibility in your target market and shows visitors your value proposition.
      • It tells them what they can receive from patronizing your business.
      • Lastly, it gives customers a snap but a concise picture of who you are and what you do.
      An Explainer video converts viewers into customers

      However, the ultimate aim of an explainer video is not only to attract & keep attention but also to engender engagement, wherein, they help make a customer of any visitor who lands on your website.


      Still, have a doubt why videos are important for businesses? Let the following statistic put things in perspective.

      Estimates average that more than 1 billion unique users visit YouTube every month. This traffic translates into over 6 billion hours of viewing time spent on videos and other audio-visual materials! Your website can tap into the ever-growing audience with the creation of an effective explainer video.

      Moreover, here are quick tips that can serve as templates for creating an effective explainer video:

      a. Use Your Satisfied Customers: People love to hear from other people, so make your prospects listen to the testimonials of your happy clientèle.

      b. Make your Product/Service the Centre of Attraction: Position your service/product as tools that solve problems and add value.

      c. Mention the Team, if possible: Team members are a great way to give form and depth to the service/product on display.

      Was this post helpful in clearing your doubts on the impact of explainer video company in India? Let me know in the comments below!

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