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    Posted By | Updated September 6, 2023

    Google’s official Twitter account announced the release of the August 2023 core update. The upgrade is consistent with Google’s continuous dedication to giving people the most relevant and reliable search results. 

    While the upgrade does not target individual websites or pages, it may cause rankings to shift, affecting both lower-ranked and previously favoured pages.

    A] How Do Core Updates Work?

    Google’s core upgrades are important algorithmic adjustments that it makes to its search systems several times a year. Core upgrades, as opposed to particular operations that target specific pages or sites, are intended to improve the overall assessment of content quality. Accordingly, pages that were previously lower in the rankings might now do better.

    B] Google’s Announcement and Objectives

    August 2023 core update

    Image Source: Twitter

    Google releases core modifications to its search algorithms regularly, with the primary goal of ensuring that consumers receive the most accurate, helpful, and reliable search results. 

    It could either positively or negatively impact how well a website performs in search results, or it could have no impact at all. While these adjustments are not intended to target specific websites or pages, they can cause rankings to shift. Some previously ranked lower pages may notice a rise in visibility, whereas previously favoured pages may suffer a decrease in ranks.

    However, it’s important to note that a drop in page performance after an update does not always indicate a problem with the website itself. Google emphasizes that such swings could be the result of changes made by the core upgrade, with content relevancy being a key consideration.

    C] Assessing the Impact of Your Content

    It is critical to understand that pages experiencing ranking fluctuations following a core update are not intrinsically bad.  Google’s core upgrades do not require quick action to address apparent issues. As Google’s algorithms reward high-quality content, the emphasis is on ensuring the greatest possible content.

    Google suggests referring to their assistance page on generating people-first content for content creators seeking insights into crafting successful content. The page provides helpful tips and self-assessment questions for increasing content quality.

    In addition, auditing pages affected by ranking changes can provide useful information. Site owners can evaluate content performance by identifying which pages were most impacted and for what types of queries. 

    D] What are the Recovery Strategies?

    Recovery from ranking adjustments may take some time until the next broad core update comes out. It is vital to highlight that website owner adjustments may not guarantee fast recovery since ranking dynamics remain flexible.

    Although not all algorithm changes are made public, minor core upgrades are routinely introduced. While these updates are less obvious, they can lead to content recovery if improvements are visible. Website owners must recognise that rankings in Google’s search results are not static or guaranteed and that prioritising content quality is critical to long-term performance.


    The updates from Google show the search giant’s dedication to improving user experience through updated content assessment algorithms. While these adjustments may cause ranking shifts, they also provide an opportunity for content creators to improve their offers and correspond with changing user needs. Adapting content to match these expectations assures a website’s survival in the ever-changing realm of search rankings.

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