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    Posted By | Updated December 16, 2022

    Google is about to roll out another helpful content update across search results. This will be the first big update to one, since it was launched in August 2022. The update has been noticeable since December 6th.

    The new algorithm aims to downgrade websites created purely to rank higher on search engines, while promoting more helpful websites, designed for humans, above search engines.

    Google highlighted that the ongoing feature will help in reducing low-quality content and make it easier for the searcher to find content that is authentic as well as useful in search.

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    The December 2022 helpful content update will assist in enhancing the content system introduced by Google in August.

    As per Google’s new terminology, the ranking system will refer to an augmentation of Google’s algorithm that constantly functions in the background. An algorithm update will help in improving the ranking systems.

    Google’s content system is designed to award web pages created for the user rather than search engines. It aims to elevate the published content that helps in adding a unique value to the web.

    This update aims to help users search for high-quality content.

    The helpful content update which was rolled out on December 5th is now becoming more visible today. However, it will take almost two weeks to fully roll out. The update will improve Google’s classifier and work across content in all languages. The aim was to reward the users with better and more useful content.

    What is new?

    Users often get frustrated when they land on web page results that do not offer solutions to their query and are in no way relevant to their search.

    The helpful content will help Google’s systems detect more low-quality content created for search engines. Google highlighted that the system was updated with additional signals to identify more content created primarily for search engines versus content created for the users.

    Along with developing all languages, this update to the helpful content system will also include new signals or adjustments to previously rolled-out signals. However, Google has not provided specific details regarding updates to its ranking systems.

    What to expect from the update?

    The new update is likely to affect the ranking and visibility in Google search over the next two weeks. The user will experience significant changes and they can be attributed to the update. Google has also advised users to make the necessary changes and keep a watch on recovery in the upcoming months.

    One aspect to note here is that Google is emphasizing how the system will assist in identifying unhelpful content. The classifier will help in understanding if the content is unhelpful. Google has also improved from the original one when compared with the content system that was first launched earlier this year.

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