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    Internet Marketing Guides

    Are you tired of searching the Internet and coming up with resource guides for Internet marketing, that makes very little sense?

    Do words like Internet Marketing, Affiliate marketing, Blog marketing, SEO, feel alien to you?

    If yes, then fret not!

    Here's presenting the ultimate guides round up for Internet marketing.

    That's right!

    In this post, Capsicum Mediaworks, a web development company in Mumbai brings to you the most extensive, comprehensive, easy to consume guide on Internet marketing that you will ever need.

    What's more, to further aid you in improving your marketing skills, I have categorized these guides into 9 different marketing techniques.

    So without further ado:

    Here's the list of 101+ Kick-Ass ‘Internet Marketing Guides’, that can be used by all businesses.

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    To begin with,

    Here's a quick brief on Internet marketing:

    Internet marketing or online marketing, is a process of promoting or advertising a brand, product or service through the use of internet. And as such, any promotional activity, that is done via wireless media, comes under it

    In short, Internet marketing is at the heart of all online marketing strategies!

    The best part?

    Not only is it a hassle-free marketing technique, but it also comes with tons of benefits and as such it only makes sense, that you invest in it to promote your business.

    Listed below are guides on some of the most important elements of Internet marketing.

    Curious to learn more?

    Then, lets get started!

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    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing

    Imagine if someone told you, that you can generate more leads for your business, with just a simple technique, wouldn’t you be excited to try it out?

    I thought so.

    So what is this technique?

    This technique is called Social Media Marketing!

    Social media marketing, allows you to connect with millions of people globally, through the use of social media sites, which helps you to generate more leads for your business and also create brand awareness.

    And this is just the beginning!

    Apart from generating lead and increasing brand recognition, social media marketing also helps to:

    • Influence Ranking It is a proven fact that social media has the ability to influence search engine ranking.
    • It opens up two-way communication Social media marketing gives you the power to directly communicate with your customers and offer better customer service.
    • It is faster and cheaper Marketing your product through social media is much faster, plus you can get thousands of relevant clicks to your website at low cost.

    Last word:

    Social media has a dominant presence on the web today, so why not use it to further your own business goals. Besides, social media can be a very powerful business tool when used effectively.

    So what are you waiting for?

    Check out these definitive guides now to learn more about social media marketing and how to use it effectively to market your business. If you need help, check out the social media services in Mumbai.


    SEO Marketing

    Search Engine Optimization

    SEO also known as ‘Search Engine Optimization’, is an internet marketing strategy, that helps you to optimise your website (via seo audit services in Mumbai), in order to garner more organic traffic from search engines, by means of keyword research, link building, page ranking, indexing and more.


    It helps you increase the organic traffic of your website, by obtaining a high-level page ranking on search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

    But why should you use it?

    Well here's the deal:

    The benefits of using SEO marketing are multiple, but for now, let me give you the top 4 benefits of SEO marketing:

    • Cost Effective Compared to other forms of online marketing, SEO is more cost-effective, because it directly targets users who are actively searching for your product or service online.
    • Increase Traffic Having your website in top position on Google, results in more clicks, which in turn increases traffic for your website.
    • Brand Credibility Statistically, the higher up your business is listed in a search engine, the more trustworthy it is deemed by customers, thus SEO enhances your brand credibility.
    • Brand Awareness When your website ranks in top position, it gives your business more exposure, thereby increasing brand awareness, and at the same time resulting in more sales.

    Still uncertain?

    Check out the list of some of the best guides on SEO marketing below, for a more in-depth knowledge on SEO marketing. Also, if you are in need of comprehensive SEO services in Mumbai for your website then do get in touch with us to know how we can help.


    Affiliate Marketing

    Affiliate Marketing

    Fastest way to earn money online!

    Yes, you have heard it right!.

    Affiliate marketing is a technique, wherein you drive online traffic from your website, to a merchant's website, by means of advertising their promotional link on your web page, which if it leads to a sale for the merchant, will result in a commission for you.

    Make sense? I hope so.


    Here are some of its benefits:

    • Fairly Economical As a merchant you get free ad space and need to pay an affiliate only if there is a sale for you. As an affiliate, you don't require an investment to sign up foran affiliate programme.
    • Flexible & Requires no special skillAs an affiliate you can work on your own time. Plus you require no special skill or expertise, to promote any product or service.
    • More Brand Exposure Both the merchant as well as the affiliate gets more brand exposure, resulting in more traffic
    • Easy compilation of data As a merchant, you can track and compile statistics on customer trends, and demand from affiliate sites at no extra cost.

    To sum it up:

    It is a risk-free marketing technique and is mutually beneficial to both the affiliate as well as the merchant. Additionally, it is also a measurable method for delivering long-term results.

    Want to learn more?

    Check out these comprehensive resource guides, to learn more about Affiliate marketing, its features and benefits.


    Blog Marketing

    Blog Marketing

    An amazing marketing tactic, Blog marketing helps your brand or business to get more online visibility


    I'll explain:

    When you blog consistently, you are constantly creating fresh & new content, which invariably makes Google take notice of your website and that in turn garners more visibility of your brand on search engine pages.

    But that's not all!

    Marketing through Blogs also helps you to:

    • Connect with potential and existing customers, through networking, thereby making your brand more trustworthy.
    • It helps to drive in more traffic to your website and generates new leads.
    • It creates opportunities for sharing, reviewing on social media, thereby creating more brand awareness.
    • And best of all, it is a low cost marketing channel which is quite easy to set-up

    Bottom line?

    Blog marketing is a great marketing technique, since it requires minimal expenses. Plus, you can use it for different purposes, rather than just advancing your online presence.

    Interesting, isn’t it?

    Well for a more detailed knowledge on the subject, go through the below-mentioned guides.


    Content Marketing

    Content Marketing

    What does it mean?

    Content marketing is a strateg of engaging and attracting, existing and potential customers, by means of quality, informative and relevant content, rather than pure advertising content.

    In simple words:

    Instead of using overtly bold promotional tactics while selling a product or service, you can subtly market your product or service, by capturing customers attention through optimized content, that is engaging as well as valuable.

    Wondering why you should use it?

    Here's why:

    • Brand Visibility Content marketing improves brand awareness and recognition, by increasing visibility of your brand
    • Brand Loyalty It creates loyalty towards your brand and increases trust among current customers as well as new prospects.
    • Generates Leads Which results in more organic traffic
    • Benefits Customers When appropriate information is available on a product or service, it helps customers to make quick purchase decision.

    In short:

    The more you offer to your customers, in terms of quality content, the more benefits your business can reap in the long run.

    Moreover, long-form content, more often than not, provides better returns than short-form content as proven by many studies, one such being this article on How Long Should a Blog Post Be.

    Curious to know how to get started on this effective marketing strategy?

    Check out the links below!


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      Video Marketing

      Video Marketing

      A trending marketing strategy;

      Video marketing means incorporating video's in an attractive and informative way, in your marketing campaign, to promote your product or service. If you’re looking for an Explainer Video agency in Mumbai to help you with the same then get in touch.

      And reason why it is popular is because:

      • Video marketing has the ability to present content, in a visually engaging format.
      • It cuts down the time, it takes for a customer to read through a text.
      • Lastly, a visual illustration, is more easily understood and retained for a long time by customers, than a text.

      But how can it benefit your business?

      Here's the deal:

      • Frequent Shares Video sharing is huge on social media, which helps you to reach out to millions of people in a short time.
      • High ranking on Google Google really likes video. By adding videos to your website, you help it rank high, thereby increasing brand awareness.
      • More Conversion All the above factors, lead to increase in traffic, which in turn results in more conversions.


      Well here are some of the best guides on video marketing, for a more detailed understanding. Check them out!


      Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

      Search Engine Marketing

      If you are not familiar with Internet marketing concepts, then chances of confusing SEO marketing with SEM marketing is very high.

      So how do you distinguish them?

      Here's the deal:

      • SEO Means generating traffic through unpaid or free listings (organic).
      • SEM Is generating traffic through paid search listings (As a provider of PPC Services in Mumbai, we can help you brand up for paid search listing).

      Learn the difference between the two with the help of our detailed guide: SEO vs SEM

      So what is paid and unpaid search listings?

      Let me explain it with an example:


      As you can see in the above example, Amazon tops the list for the search term 'diwali diyas for sale online', which indicates, that Amazon has paid for the search term 'diwali diyas for sale online' and as a result it appears at the top of this result box.

      Paid listings, are also often indicated with words like 'sponsored' or 'ads', to distinguish them from organic listing.

      To sum it up:

      Search Engine Marketing (SEM) means, promoting of a business, by increasing their visibility in search engine pages, through paid advertising.

      But why to use it?

      • Easy to implement & cost-effective Due to its flexibility, it is quick and easy to set up an SEM campaign, plus it is cheaper than other marketing mediums.
      • More Exposure SEM marketing has the potential to get you right at the top of the search engine pages, thus the higher your service or product, the more likely that a consumer will visit your website or recommend it to other people.
      • Immediate Traffic when there is a lull in business, you can start an SEM campaign, to boost your sales and increase traffic.


      To have a more comprehensive knowledge on this topic, check out these ultimate guides on Search engine marketing. And, if you want to try out this online marketing technique, then its best that you hire a digital marketing agency in Mumbai.

      Niche Marketing

      Niche Marketing

      Finding, identifying or creating a target market and then focusing your energy in marketing to it, is what Niche marketing is all about.

      For instance:

      If you are selling clothes for children, then your target market is children. Similarly, if you are selling office supplies, then your target market is businesses.

      In other words:

      Rather than being all over the place, with niche marketing, you first clearly define your target market and then market it to customers that can connect with your product or service.

      What are its advantages?

      • Less Competition Since you target a specific market and not a broader market, chances of competition are less.
      • Brand Loyalty By separating niche items from general products, you provide customers with products or services they need, thereby developing a reputation, which in turn creates brand loyalty.
      • Reduce Marketing Costs Since you don't need to advertise to a broader target, it reduces marketing costs.
      • Tailored Content A specific market allows you to have a more streamlined content, that speaks directly to the said audience.

      Bottom line?

      If you don't want to be a master of all trades, but only a master of one, then niche marketing is for you.

      To known more, check out these easy to understand guides on Niche marketing


      Optimization, Lead Generation & Conversion

      What is optimization?

      Simply put, optimization is a process of adding keywords, meta tags, image tags to your website, to make your site more search engine friendly.

      Optimization Lead Generation Conversion

      As an intricate marketing strategy; optimization, lead generation and conversion, help you to achieve a desired outcome i.e. Profit

      In other words:

      The higher you rank on search engine (which can be achieved through optimization), the more clicks you get (lead generation), resulting in higher sales (conversions).

      In short, optimization, lead generation and conversion, are a triple treat that can benefit your business immensely.


      Here's the deal:

      • Increases Organic Traffic Optimizing your website (which can be achieved through SEO), increases traffic (organic), through higher search engine results. Plus it also gets the right kind of audience or targeted prospects to your website.
      • Helps build a Customer base Optimizing web pages or landing pages, helps to gather valuable information about new prospects or leads, which can help you to build a good customer base.
      • Increases Website Profits Quality leads have better conversion rate, thereby increasing your website profits.

      Final word:

      This strategy is an easy process, once you thoroughly understand how it works and as such has a lot of advantages.

      For more details, here is a list of ultimate guides on optimization, lead generation and conversion marketing. Check them out!


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      Other Useful Guides

      Here are the links, for some other concepts of Internet marketing, that you might be interested in reading.

      Bonus: Download FREE PDF of 101+ Kick-Ass 'Internet Marketing Guides', and learn all about Internet Marketing Strategies that rules the Web


      Here is the complete and exhaustive list of 101+ ultimate guides on Internet Marketing.

      These guides will not only assist you in your marketing efforts, but will also help you to manage your marketing campaigns effectively.

      So are you ready to give these marketing strategies a shot?

      If yes, then there is no time like now, to put these techniques into practice!

      Have any more ultimate guides to add to this list? If so, let me know as a comment below!

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