Best Expert Roundups on the Internet

    Expert Roundups are creating quite a buzz on the internet with every niche marketer investing in this Content marketing and SEO technique.

    Our previous blog post was an Expert Roundup, wherein, 33 Experts shared their insights on how to speed up a WordPress website. The response to this blog post was quite impressive and we thought why not share this valuable Content and SEO strategy with our readers so that they too can get traction from this actionable technique.

    Though Expert Roundups has been around for a while, it has begun to gain popularity only recently and as such, today we'll take a look at what does an Expert Roundup mean, how it can help you boost your SEO strategy and some important references on how you can create an Expert Roundup for your own website.

    Plus, that's not all!

    We have also collected an exhaustive list of 301+ Best Expert Roundups on the Internet that covers various types of roundups such as SEO Roundups, WordPress Expert Roundup, Content Roundups and more that you can refer to.

    So let's begin!

    What is an Expert Roundup?

    Similar to interviews with established bloggers, in an Expert Roundup, you come up with an interesting question such as Which is the best CMS for your business? and then send this question to different experts in your niche through email or social media, asking them their input on this subject. Once these industry experts respond to your question, all you have to do is gather these answers and make it an Expert Roundup post.

    It is as easy as that!

    An Expert Roundup is one of the most effective types of blog posts and since it comprises of advice from top names in your niche industry, its chances of going viral increases exponentially.

    How Can Expert Roundup Help You In SEO?

    Being one of the hottest SEO and content marketing trends for this season, Expert Roundup is bound to be prevalent in 2017 and beyond. It helps you to not only connect and build relationships with influencers in your niche but it also helps you create an excellent piece of content for your own website.

    In addition, you can also obtain the following benefits by making use of this strategy;

    • Increase in Brand Awareness.
    • More Quality Backlinks for your website.
    • Increase in User Engagement.
    • Higher ranking on search engine result pages.
    • Increase in social shares, which, in turn, helps drive more traffic to your website resulting in better conversion.

    Apart from these, Expert Roundups also help you boost your blog's authority. Plus, since it is a long-term strategy, it can prove to be quite rewarding for your Content marketing and SEO campaigns.

    How to Create an Expert Roundup?

    Now, here comes the best part!

    If you want to yield the benefits as stated above then here are 4 main steps for creating an Expert Roundup which includes;

    • Selecting the Right Question.
    • Researching and Finding the Right Industry Experts in Your Niche.
    • Sending out Email Invitation to these Industry Experts.
    • Curating the Answers received to create an Expert Roundup blog post.

    However, to know more about each of these following steps, check out these actionable resources from influential bloggers mentioned below. These resource guides will help you to not only make your own Expert Roundup but it will also guide you on how to promote the Expert Roundup once it gets published.

    Take a look!

    Bonus: Download FREE PDF of ‘301+ Best Expert Roundups’ on the Internet and learn marketing techniques from the best experts in the industry. Download now and keep it handy for future reference.

    Now let's take a look at some of the Best Expert Roundups on Varied Categories.

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    Social Media Expert Roundups

    Social Media, as we all know, is a powerful and cost-effective strategy through which we can connect with not only our existing clients/audience but also our prospective clients/audience. Thanks to its global reach, the impact it could have on your brand is huge and if you own a business website then creating social media profiles for your business across multiple social networking platforms is a must.

    What are the benefits of investing in Social Media?

    • Greater Brand Recognition.
    • Increased Brand Loyalty.
    • Improved Customer Experiences.
    • Boost in Website Traffic.
    • Enhanced Ranking on Search Engines.

    Moreover, through the use of social media geotargeting ads, you are also able to garner quality leads that convert better resulting in a higher ROI.

    The below Social Media Expert Roundups links comprises of expert advice from top social media marketers on how to increase engagement and social shares as well as boost organic reach. Plus, these resources also provide you with actionable social media marketing tips, insights on the best social media tools to use and much much more.

    Also, check out the Social Media Services in Mumbai we offer to know how we can help you.


    SEO Expert Roundups

    To boost your website's organic traffic and ranking, optimising your website is important. Search engine optimization or SEO, as it is popularly known, is the most effective way through which you can seamlessly optimise your site for search engines as well as users. In addition, it helps you make your site structure user-friendly, which aids in improving your site's speed, performance, and functionality.

    Furthermore, since SEO is a long-term strategy, here are some of the benefits that you can obtain from it.

    • Easier website navigation for users and search engines.
    • Improve Brand credibility and visibility.
    • A higher organic click-through-rate.
    • More targeted traffic to your website.
    • Boost in organic ranking in search engine result pages.
    • Greater Brand Authority in your niche market.

    SEO comprises of both on-page and off-page marketing techniques and implementing these on your website ensures that your business is always one-step ahead of your competitors.

    Newbie bloggers and start-ups who don't have the budget to expend on seo services in Mumbai could make the most of these SEO Expert Roundups links mentioned below as these cover expert instructions on a range of SEO activities such as link building techniques, Local SEO, SEO metrics you need to measure, best SEO tools along with SEO myths that you need to steer clear of etc.

    Check it out now!


    Content Expert Roundups

    Content is the driving force behind the success of all SEO, Social Media and Paid campaigns. Producing high-quality and engaging content that is informative as well as beneficial to your audience should be your key focus as it is only through Content that you would be able to attract more visitors and build a name for your brand in your niche market.

    Also, when it comes to creating an EPIC content, you need to ensure that it is not only interesting to read but also visually appealing as this will ensure that you achieve your marketing goals such as;

    • Increase Brand awareness and visibility.
    • A higher ranking on search engines.
    • Increase in Email newsletter subscribers.
    • A higher number of dedicated social media followers.
    • Generation of better quality leads resulting in a higher conversion.
    • Increase in Engagement with your audience.
    • More Referral traffic from diverse sources.

    No digital marketing technique is complete without Content and as such, take a look these Content Expert Roundups to know about the best content marketing strategies, common content marketing mistakes that you need to avoid and other effective techniques that deliver results.


    Blogging Expert Roundups

    Having a blog on your website makes it easier for you to effectively market your product and services to your audience through articles, reviews, explainer videos and other multimedia. Moreover, it also helps improve engagement with your audience.

    Likewise, Google loves fresh content and as such, by blogging continuously and consistently, you are ensuring that your site is frequently crawled and indexed by search engine robots, which helps improve your site's ranking on SERPs.

    Additionally, it is easy to set-up a blog and it helps you to;

    • Establish your brand's authority and credibility.
    • Keep your existing audience engaged.
    • Build user trust and garner more leads.

    The below Blogging related Expert Roundups comprises of tricks and tips on how to increase traffic to your blog, best ways to promote your blog and other blogging secrets that will help aspiring bloggers make a mark in the online world.


    WordPress Expert Roundups

    WordPress is the best CMS in the market today! According to this data published by, WordPress powers 37% of all online websites which includes popular websites/blogs like The New Yorker, MTV News, Facebook Newsroom, The Wall Street Journal Law Blog and more.

    Thanks to its ease-of-use, anyone can Create a WordPress website or a blog. In addition, it comprises of a wide variety of WordPress themes that you can choose from along with some of the best WordPress plugins that make your task of running a website/blog an hassle-free job.

    What's more, WordPress provides you with benefits like;

    • Seamless & Faster Website Speed and Performance across all devices and browsing platforms.
    • SEO-friendly website structure.
    • Effortless Content marketing as it comes with an integrated blog.
    • Easy integration of various social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

    As a WordPress company in Mumbai, WordPress is our #1 choice when it comes to creating a website for start-ups, small businesses or large enterprise. Thus, go through these WordPress Expert Roundups that are mentioned below to learn which WordPress plugins and themes are the best and other tips & tricks on how to maintain and optimize your WordPress website.


    eCommerce Expert Roundups

    With all local businesses rushing to join the online bandwagon, the growth of the eCommerce sector has been tremendous. In the upcoming years, this trend will only continue to soar higher, thanks to the increase in the use of smartphones and the easy accessibility of the internet.

    Moreover, with the CMS like WordPress that offers the best free eCommerce plugin known as WooCommerce that allows you to create a customizable eCommerce platform for your business, one can easily build any type of online store they want without any hassle.

    For brick and mortar businesses, having an online store would help;

    • Lower the operational costs.
    • Attract new customers.
    • Boost Brand Awareness.
    • Drive more sales through a 24/7 online store that is always open for business.

    Thus, if you are planning on creating an eCommerce website then these eCommerce Expert Roundups will help you choose the best eCommerce platform as well as provide you with tips on how to compete against eCommerce Giants and other such insightful knowledge on the best eCommerce development company in Mumbai & practices.


    Video Expert Roundups

    According to this video marketing statistics, 45% of people watch videos on Facebook and YouTube for more than an hour a week.

    Astounding, isn't it?

    Videos are the most trending medium through which you can promote your brand and increase its visibility. It is also one of the best ways through which you can make your content go viral. In addition, be it fun videos or informational videos, with this marketing strategy you can boost your site's conversion rate significantly. If you looking for an explainer video company to create such videos for your business then do get in touch with us.

    Why are Videos so popular?

    The reasons for their popularity are many. You can check out this blog post to know all the reasons. However, for now, here are top 4 reasons why people love watching videos.

    • They are more engaging than reading a text-based content.
    • They provide more information in a short amount time.
    • They are easily shareable.
    • You can watch them on-to-go.

    Furthermore, search engines love videos that can help you improve your site's ranking. So, check out these video expert roundups to know more about how to create and promote videos.

    Book a Free Consultation!

    Reach out to us to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.


      SEM Expert Roundups

      Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid Search, is a process of increasing brand visibility in search results through paid ads.

      Like this;


      By allowing you to target varied group of buyers through the use of specific keywords, SEM helps you to attract new customers and boost sales & conversion. Moreover, this marketing technique is highly flexible as it gives you control as to when, where and who would be able to see your ads, thus ensuring that you gain your money's worth on your expenditure.

      Benefits of Search Engine Marketing includes

      • Increase Website Traffic.
      • Higher Search Engine Ranking.
      • More Brand Awareness.

      Plus, compared to others, SEM is a cost-effective marketing technique that can deliver quick (but not lasting) results. To learn more about this technique take a look these Search Engine Marketing Expert Roundups below.


      Marketing Expert Roundups

      Marketing can include both online as well as offline methods. On one hand, while online marketing comprises of brand promotion through content marketing, social media, SEO, email marketing etc. On the other hand, offline marketing consists of promotion through Television, Newspapers, Brochure and more.

      Both these methods have their fair share of benefits and can help improve brand visibility as well as help you connect with your audience. However, to make a powerful impact and to ensure that you get a higher return on your investment it is wiser that you integrate both online and offline marketing activities for a better result.

      Nevertheless, no matter what marketing channels you use to promote your business, here is some expert marketing advice that can help you build your brand and maximize your profit.

      Online Marketing Expert Roundups

      Offline Marketing Expert Roundups


      Affiliate Expert Roundups

      Affiliate marketing is selling a product or a service of another merchant on your site through promotional links for a specified commission. It is one of the simplest and easiest ways to earn money online and all you require is a functional blog or a website.

      Since its inception, the growth of Affiliate marketing has been phenomenal and one can earn higher commission rates once they have a firm foothold in this marketing space. Best part, you don't require any specific skill set to become an Affiliate. All you have to do is;

      • Sign up for your preferred Affiliate network such as Amazon Associates.
      • Create useful content in the form of reviews, comparison guides, tutorials, infographics etc and incorporate relevant affiliate links in them.
      • Lastly, promote affiliate products or services aggressively through PPC campaigns, social media and other marketing channels.

      To know more about the latest Affiliate marketing trends, best practices to promote your Affiliate products etc read these Expert Roundup answers by established bloggers and entrepreneurs.


      Optimisation, Lead Generation & Conversion Expert Roundups

      To garner quality leads and to boost conversion, optimising your website is important. Optimising your site includes elements like;

      • Incorporating the right target keywords.
      • Checking your site's page speed and performance.
      • Optimising Images and adding ALT tags to images.
      • Creating high-quality content.
      • Updating older content.
      • Implementing a clear CTA (Call-to-Action)
      • Adding high-authority outbound links.
      • Doing appropriate interlinking and more.

      In short, you need to ensure that your site is user and search engine friendly as this is the only way through which you can improve your site's organic ranking and drive more traffic to your website resulting in a higher profit.

      The below mention Expert Roundups will help you to better understand the concept of Optimisation, Lead Generation & Conversion. So go forth and take a look now!


      Other Useful Expert Roundups

      Here are some other useful Expert Roundups on email marketing, work productivity tips, time management and others that you can check out.

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      Undoubtedly, creating an Expert Roundup is a time-consuming and challenging task. However, the results that you can obtain from it is well worth the time and effort that you have put into it.

      I hope that the above comprehensive list of 301+ Best Expert Roundups on the Internet can prove to be a great resource guide for a more detailed understanding of varied internet marketing techniques and other strategies.

      So, don't forget to download the free PDF of this guide which you can use it for future reference!

      Did I miss out on any other important Expert Roundup? If so, let me know in the comment below and I'll add it to the list!

      Blog Author
      Nirav Dave

      Nirav Dave is the Co-Founder & Partner at Capsicum Mediaworks, an SEO Agency based out of India that specializes in all things Web Design & WordPress Development. He Worships WordPress and Loves to read anything and everything about this exceptional CMS.

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