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    PPC Services In India Strategies that drive sales and ROI

    PPC is a form of online advertising that allows businesses to promote their products or services based on a predetermined advertising budget. Businesses running ads in pay-per-click advertising pay when a user clicks on their ad, hence the name “pay-per-click.”

    Pay-per-click marketing is a technique of purchasing web space in addition to driving traffic to your website. 85% of consumers, or people who buy stuff online, look for products, services, and information over the internet. Additionally, PPC returns $2 for every $1 spent, which gives an ROI rate of 200%.

    The right PPC strategy and PPC agency in India can be the perfect duo that propels your company forward with results in the form of increased sales and reach.

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    Why Choose Capsicum Mediaworks?

    We are a leading Pay-per-Click (PPC) agency in India for brands, retailers, service providers and eCommerce companies in India. We provide the tools and advanced strategies to help you grow your business with measurable results.

    Targeted Keywords

    To ensure your business shows up as high as possible on search engine results pages (SERPs) for your keywords, we use relevant product or service keywords to reach target customers.

    Relevant Ad Copy

    The key to success in a PPC campaign is engaging ad copy. Our content-writing specialists are trained to create compelling ad copy that appeals to your target audience.

    Best Landing Pages

    After clicking on a PPC ad, users are usually led to a specially designed web page—a landing page. Our landing pages are designed to maximize their effectiveness and drive more leads.

    Dedicated Project Manager

    A dedicated project manager will investigate areas for opportunities to deliver faster and cheaper solutions that result in a higher ROI for your campaign.

    Track Performance

    We continually evaluate and refine your pay per click marketing campaigns through the available data and research, to increase their effectiveness and return on investment.

    Negative Keyword

    We eliminate negative keywords that may cause your ads to be irrelevant for visitors who aren’t looking for your products or services, helping you focus your SEO efforts on conversions.

    Services We Offer as an PPC Company in India

    Our Pay Per Click (PPC) services help you maximize your return on investment. Our PPC ads are targeted toward your most reliable customer base, to generate the highest ROI possible. You’ll see the best Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) you’ve ever seen – both economically and in terms of overall sales.

    Connect with the best PPC agency in India with the most reliable and trusted PPC services and understand the complete Google Advertising Costs.

    Search Advertising

    We offer search advertising, a method of displaying advertisements on SERPs. We develop campaigns and methods of targeting to reach your ideal audience.

    Display Advertising

    Our display advertising can quickly attract a large number of viewers to your website. We design the ads with graphics that capture attention and place them where they will be seen by the appropriate audience.

    Social Media Advertising

    Social media advertising uses social media platforms to promote your brand and encourage purchases. We curate strategies on popular social media networks to advance your business goals.

    Remarketing Ads

    Remarketing boosts conversion rates and ROI. Our remarketing strategies target your adverts to these revisitors, too, as they browse the web and utilize apps.

    Google Shopping Ads

    Our Google Shopping campaigns are designed to place ads in the most appropriate positions on SERPs. Through detailed information gleaned from our research data to target these ads, we can ensure that they’re seen by the right kinds of viewers.

    Mobile Advertising

    Over 90% of the world’s Internet users go online via a mobile device. By creating targeted ads that are optimized for these devices, we can help your business reach a huge potential customer pool.

    Some of Our Esteemed Clients

    • Ajmera
    • Living Liquidz
    • Bering
    • AGS
    • Scram
    • Butternut
    • Aloha
    • Paynovate
    • CreditLinks
    • Fastlane
    • Truspace-logo
    • logo
    • alfaauv-2
    • Safari-Deal-1
    • WYO

    Our Process for PPC Services in India

    We’ve worked in PPC marketing for the last 10 years. We know what works and more importantly, what doesn’t. We have the expertise to help you launch a successful PPC campaign, through our comprehensive PPC services in India. We combine creativity and innovative strategies to leverage the power of Pay Per Click advertising to achieve maximum visibility and measurable ROI for your brand.

    Comprehend Sales Goals

    Before creating a PPC strategy, we first evaluate the company’s brand goals and objectives. We then conceptualize the company’s technical and aesthetic features to align with the brand image.

    Conduct Market Analysis

    We use the most advanced PPC (pay per click) marketing tools available to evaluate our competitors’ marketing plans. These tools reveal competitor-specific information such as the landing pages they use, their target audiences, and ranking keywords.

    Develop A Strategy

    The next step in creating an effective PPC campaign is planning the course of action. We establish specific goals and phases of execution to ensure smooth business growth with complete transparency.

    Produce Content

    We then move to the development of the creatives and ad copy for the campaign. This includes the design and development of collaterals based on approved strategy.

    Operate As Per Plan

    After a PPC campaign strategy and its necessary collateral have been created, we will work to make your digital dream a reality by executing your pay-per-click ads.

    Monitor ROI

    Return-on-investment tracking is critical as it helps your organization to align its goals with actual results. Our analysts regularly monitor campaigns to optimize performance and ROI.

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