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    30 Digital Marketing Quotes to Inspire
    You in the New Year

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    Posted By | Updated on: January 5, 2024

    30 digital marketing quotes
    30 Digital Marketing Quotes to Inspire You in the New Year

    As a web design company in Mumbai,, we have curated a list of 30 Digital Marketing Quotes that will inspire you to do more. Each of these marketing quotes comes from an expert digital marketer, an engineer, a keynote speaker, or an established author, all of whom are a leading authority in their field.

    These internet marketing quotes are born from experience and are a lifeline that’ll help you survive the rough waters of the tireless Digital Marketing world. Many have used these creative quotes to introduce digital marketing agency in Mumbai to their clients/customers; we have chosen to put them together to inspire.

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    Wendy Piersall

    Wendy Piersall is a successful published author, publisher, as well as a renowned Artist.

    Two Words: Engagement Matters!

    The digital marketing quote stresses the importance of how the audience feels about your content, products, and services on the whole. Unless and until the audience finds it useful, Google will not move a finger to help you rank.

    Every new Google Ranking Algorithm ensures that Google serves high-quality content on the first page. It not only helps a user get an appropriate answer to their query, but it also solidifies their relationship with Google.

    Digital Marketing is a challenging field with experimental strategies that need to be tested time and again. Many try to beat the Google algorithm, which could lead to Google Penalty. So, wouldn’t it be more rewarding to create what your audience loves? Once they are in line, Google will follow suit.

    Tom Fishburne

    Tom Fishburne, a well-known author, wow’s his audience with his witty marketing and content marketing cartoons.

    Do you remember the last time you saw an advertisement that convinced you to purchase a product? Which part of that advert convinced you to make the purchase?

    We can all agree that it wasn’t the part where they outright asked you to purchase the product or services.

    These days people can easily sniff out the usual marketing tricks: one of which includes improper use of keywords, the ones that seem out of place. People with even a little knowledge understand what role keywords play in SEO. So as soon as someone sees a word out of place on an excellent data-driven blog, they will put it into the marketing category as usual.

    Chad Pollitt

    Chad Pollitt is a digital marketing expert, a talented Author and a content marketing consultant.

    SEO is evolving and adapting with every new search engine algorithm update. While one cannot neglect other Search Engines or take them out of the picture, we all agree about the power of Google Search Engine. An amateur SEO expert might have been once able to fool the older versions gaining a better rank for their website, but it certainly would not happen today.

    Good SEO happens when you do everything right, from building a product that sells to developing a content-rich informative website. Good SEO comes about as a result of your product’s influence on the audience. It is just one of the many quotes about digital marketing on this list that will promote the use of ethical SEO Company in Mumbai.

    Ian Schafer

    Ian Schafer is the CEO and co-founder of the award-winning global advertising Agency: Deep Focus.

    Change is the new constant, and with it comes the need for innovation. Rising customer demands for new inventions ask for products and services that could enhance their lives. Is your product capable of making that kind of difference?

    Marketing strategies follow the same rule. A novel marketing approach is always applauded. Sometimes it may fall flat, but at times it may work wonders and has successfully put numerous fledgling organizations on the road to success.

    Without experimentation, your marketing strategies will grow stagnant. People will catch up to those strategies disregarding them as the things of the past and ultimately move on to better products and services that convince them they are better than you.

    Amrita Sahasrabudh

    Amrita Sahasrabudh, a marketing guru who has conquered a diverse set of industries, including healthcare, retail, marketing, and consulting.

    We have to keep mentioning Google’s updates with regards to SEO and internet marketing because they do go hand-in-hand. Over the years, digital marketers have developed strategies that have helped them carve an influential position for themselves. The strategies they used back then might not work today, and so they keep experimenting. Digital marketers, by nature, lay everything out in the open. They inform their followers what they should and shouldn’t do.

    But, we have to remember that they have learned by experimenting. Today there are courses on how to become a digital marketer, but who taught the teachers? They took risks, often fell on their face, but they still kept tinkering with an idea perfecting it until it worked.

    Seth Godin

    Seth Godin, a dot com business executive turned successful author, writes for Seth’s Blog.

    Word Travels Fast when you join the digital marketing world and this quote on marketing is a remarkable addition to the list. For those who believe in Karma, unethical digital marketers ultimately get there. Seth Godin has shed light on the dark part of digital marketing, where conniving pseudo marketers try to hoodwink customers and clients. In the beginning, a few fall prey to their manipulations, but like we have stressed before, Word travels.

    For those who think they can pull the wool over the eyes of their customers, you are betting on something more than just money. You are betting on your organisation’s reputation. When you make bad deals, people leave bad reviews. Reviews are a powerful tool.

    How many times have you decided against a person, a product, or a service due to negative reviews? Word-of-mouth marketing can work both ways. The people who were fooled will share their experiences, and it will reach your target audience – an audience pool that has the power to make or break your brand.

    Erin Bury

    Erin Bury, a highly successful and self-made Entrepreneur, Marketer, and Technological Expert.

    A little restraint has never hurt anyone. Less is not always more, but dramatic also does not always sell. It can seem too over the top in some cases. This is another of the great marketing quotes that act as a warning to walk the straight line. It all but says: Mind your words.

    When you are in a position of power (influence), people listen to what you say. While they may pay attention to the useful things, it takes all but one slip to change your future, for your followers to turn against you. Just like this quote, someone will use your words either as a warning or a lesson to be taught.

    The proverb: Look before you Leap (Think twice before you say something in such settings) comes to mind. Being impulsive might be considered a strength in some cases, but not when it goes against your values.

    So, promise what you can do. Say things that you mean. Do not try to hoodwink your customers or clients, you’ll get caught, and the entire world will know about your poor business ethics.

    Scott Cook

    Scott Cook is a billionaire businessman, the owner of Intuit which is a successful financial Giant.

    Marketers are no longer in control of what kind of emotion or feelings their product generates in their consumers. It is for consumers to decide. Even after spending hours on research and development, a product is only as good as a consumer finds it to be.

    Now, this could work in two ways. It could either cement your reputation as an innovative new brand or label you as just another useless brand with products that have no purpose. This is reason enough to motivate you to ensure your idea isn’t just good on paper.

    John Watton

    John Watton an award-winning marketing sensation has been featured in LinkedIn’s top 10 Most Engaged UK Marketers.

    In digital marketing, time is of the essence. There is the right time to post content, be it a social media post or a blog post. Digital marketing experts can help you narrow down these times, and the rest you can figure out on your own by using the free insight tools.

    Email Marketing was a great technique way before social media came into the picture and still is. But, due to the constant spam, users have lost faith in it, yet companies are successfully using email marketing to promote their business.

    Jay Baer

    Jay Baer is a well-established marketing and customer experienced keynote speaker and writer.

    It needs to be said: Adding gasoline to the fire fans the flames. The fire then burns through everything in its way. Social Media Marketing increases the reach of your content, spreading it to the right audience, ensuring that it makes a difference. Almost every social media website, such as Facebook and Instagram, has an inbuilt ad campaign manager that will guide you through the process of placing your ad at a fixed budget.

    Lori Taylor

    Lori Taylor is a social media expert who lives by three principles, two of which are covered in this quote.

    If you have been in marketing long enough, you will have no problem decrypting this quote. Just like success, some posts go viral, while others do not. If you continue to dwell on the ones that didn’t go viral, it could go in two directions: one that helps you understand what went wrong and then rectify those mistakes in your later content.

    Now the second one, where you cannot figure out the issues, turning it into an eternal problem to be solved.

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    Mari Smith

    Mari Smith, an experienced marketer helps businesses reach their full potential gaining profitable online exposure.

    Have you heard of method actors? The ones that try to step into their characters months before they are set to act: Robert De Niro or Marlon Brando are two of the most hard-working method actors of all time. They take Acting a step further, giving us a performance of the lifetime.

    Similarly, a marketer has to put himself in the shoes of their prospective customers, their target audience, and become a member. A smart marketer doesn’t just infiltrate their audience. He/She/They become it.

    Dan Lyons

    Dan Lyons, an author of strong calibre has been creating a stir with his wise words that look beyond the normal.

    Dan Lyons sheds light on the current problem of the marketing industry. Many believe that we all need a huge platform to get views on written content, like blog posts, articles, and featured pieces, which is true, to a certain extent. If your content has zero impact, you’ll get neither the views nor any conversions.

    And a majority of readers will lose interest in just a few lines. You have to meet a universal writing standard to churn content that matters. Jump to quote 15 to understand what content should aspire to be.

    Jamie Turner

    Jamie Turner is a leading marketing authority and also the founder & CCO of 60 seconds Marketer.

    And you can say the same about the quote: “This was written specifically for me.” If you have known your audience for a long time, you can understand their needs. And you need to create content based on their requirements.

    A newbie marketer can learn a lot from such inspirational marketing quotes that stress the importance of research and strategy before publishing new content. Your end goal should not be gaining more views; it should be capturing the attention of your visitors in a way that has them engaged till the last word and to keep them returning to it.

    Demain Farnworth

    Demain Farnworth is a talented author whose wordplays compels people to take action.

    No matter how many times we say it, it bears repeating: Your content is a representation of your Brand. And if you meander around with it, dragging it down without providing the reader with some useful information, they are going to leave.

    These three simple words (Clear. Concise. Compelling.) provide an easy guideline to follow. If your content doesn’t make any ripple, it might be unnecessary. When you drone on and on about unnecessary things, your content will stray away from the point. And it will be anything but clear and concise. You have to jot down your thoughts and ideas in a precise manner, telling your customers what they need to know.

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      Ann Handley

      Ann Handley is an inspirational speaker, phenomenal digital marketer, and a great author.

      Despite what you would like to think, your brand is not the Hero of the story. It is a weapon to be used by the customers, who are the Real Hero of your story.

      A weapon that comes in handy in chasing away their problems, offering them a sure-shot solution. It doesn’t matter which marketing campaign you use; your content should be relevant to the Hero of the story and should speak about the brand in a way that the customer finds it useful.

      Dough Warner

      Doug Warner is an Internet enthusiast and Former chairman at JP Morgan and Co.

      If you drop the ball, there are hundreds of others who’ll pick it up and throw it better than you.

      If SEO hasn’t taught you to respect the first-page results on the search engines, has it taught you anything? If a person visits your website, which is taking too much time to load, they will move on to the next search result.

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      The quote stresses the importance of customer support in the digital marketing field. Your customer support is a reflection of your Brand.

      Many organisations choose to use bots for customer service. And while there is nothing wrong with bots, the replies are never specific but generic and can cause problems of their own. That means you have to hire a knowledgeable customer support team that can provide solutions and not create more problems.

      Matt Cutts

      Matt Cutts, current USDS Engineer and a former Google Engineer always have keen SEO insights.

      It is an SEO-centric quote that speaks for the entire digital marketing industry. As an SEO expert or anyone from the digital marketing field, you do have to think about what the user is going to type in the search field, that is, the keywords they use to reach you.

      You, in turn, have to ethically use those keywords to boost your website or brand’s visibility to make it easier for your prospective audience to find you on the vast web of the internet.

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      Lori Taylor

      David Meeram Scott is an inspiration to fellow marketers, a best-selling author, and a marketing and sales visionary.

      This quote eerily reminds us of the Display Ad Network that uses cookies and several other tools to accurately provide clients with product advertisements at the moment when they need it the most. But there needs to be some give in the constant advertisements. Users cannot afford to pay for every little thing.

      Even giants like YouTube have been offering premium solutions to get rid of nasty ads that they are benefiting them either way. Looking at the current situation, it seems like rather than converting a lot of users, they stand to lose engagement if they insist on adding unnecessary ads in every little video.

      Chris Borgan

      Chris Borgan, a master marketer, journalist, author, consultant and social media enthusiast.

      Time and again, even the most experienced marketer needs to be nudged in the right direction. Digital relationships and reputations play a significant role in sales. Some of us need a gentle reminder to build a strong foundation before developing an organisation on it. That foundation is built with elements such as a budding client-brand relationship, a respect for the firm’s values, and an ethical reputation that doesn’t ever go away.

      Mitch Joel

      Mitch Joel, President of the digital marketing agency Twist and a well-established innovative journalist as well as publicist.

      We are living in a one-click world, where services get installed with just a click. And the user has no idea how it works. When we are used to services of this calibre, brands with slow websites loading speed or lagging marketing tactics would do nothing but hinder their growth.

      Even loyal customers, when faced with the choice of staying on a sinking ship that doesn’t provide top-tier services, will abandon it in favour of a better one. Agility is essential in this day and age, without which your brand will not survive.

      Alex Williams

      Alex Williams, a marketing expert gives us some brilliant comparisons of the marketing and Cher’s song.

      The author of this quote puts a humorous spin on why each email campaign should be a well-planned strategic endeavour. Even the slightest mistake might make you seem unreliable in the eye of the reader, and it could cost you a big client. It is the reason why before you send an email, you should check it rigorously. Because no matter how much you would like to join Cher, you cannot turn back time.

      Jeff Eisenberg

      Jeff Eisenberg, an exceptionally talented entrepreneur with sage marketing advice.

      Today, at least a decade into digital marketing, there are many short-cuts to get traffic. You can get traffic by purchasing bot traffic. Do you remember needing to solve a captcha when you accessed some website or other? Guess who do you have to thank for that? So rather than trying these unethical and sometimes useless hacks, you should focus on converting your steady stream of visitors into customers.

      Kim Garst

      Kim Garst, a self-made marketing guru who understands the value of social media.

      Just the repetition of the word sales makes you want to pull your hair out, doesn’t it? Now think about the predicament you put your loyal customer in; To stay or not to stay. Their dilemma stems from constant advertisements asking them to purchase stuff on social media.

      So sometimes, you need to create content solely for their entertainment. Something that would make them appreciate your efforts. It could be a simple meme, or a picture, or a strategic explainer video. It doesn’t matter as long as they understand that you care about their needs.

      John Munsell

      John Munsell, an entrepreneur who helps businesses realize their potential and boost their revenue.

      Content is king only as long as it can facilitate conversions; otherwise, it’s not helpful. That seems obvious, doesn’t it? So will your content, when it has no purpose.

      The content on your website or advertisement should speak to your prospective customers on a personal level. It needs to convince them that your brand is worth their time and money. Once they are convinced, they will head over to purchase your services.

      Arjun Basu

      Arjun Basu, a twice nominated author with a penchant for flash fiction offers unique insights on content.

      If your content will blend into millions of other pieces already published on the internet, it has zero value. When you compare writing for yourself with writing for a brand, you conclude how they are different. When you write for yourself, you can afford a tiny little error margin, and it may turn into a signature.

      Now, in the case of branded content, you need to get everything right. That’s why your content needs to be strategically built, speaking to your audience on a completely different level. From the title to the meta description, everything needs to be well planned.

      Andrew Davis

      Andrew Davis, a best-selling author, who also happens to be a high-rated content marketing speaker, tells us how essential trust can be.

      Trust has always played a significant role in marketing. Informative content with the intent to educate people has gelled well with the audience. Such inspiring content keeps your website visitors glued to it. The longer they stay, the better are your chances of making a sale. It also helps you to reduce your website’s bounce rate.

      Andrea Fryrear

      Andrea Fryrear, a leading agile marketing authority who’s also a sought-after trainer and speaker.

      How long has it been since you have created life-changing content? Actionable content that doesn’t just make people purchase your services, but content that educates, content that enhances their quality of life? Or better yet, content that moves your client in making donations to worthy causes? We need more such content, not a sympathy plea, but revolutionary ideas that are hard for people to ignore.

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      Rand Fishkin

      Rand Fishkin, CEO and Co-Founder of SEOMoz is a leading authority in the SEO world.

      Storytelling is an art, and while anyone could tell a story, not everyone can make it compelling. It gives you another reason to study your audience before you roll out any new product, service, or content. Be it your brand or an advertisement, ensure that your story is convincing and relevant to your target audience.

      Brené Brown

      Brené Brown, a successful podcast host, researcher, professor, and author.

      Readers appreciate a well-researched post, but it doesn’t needlessly have to be all about data. It should have a certain kind of flow to it. Brené Brown aptly describes stories as data with a soul. Add a little soul, a little spirit to your content then, and only then will you completely stand out amongst your peers.

      Blog Author
      Nirav Dave

      Nirav Dave is the Co-Founder & Partner at Capsicum Mediaworks, an SEO Agency based out of India that specializes in all things Web Design & WordPress Development. He Worships WordPress and Loves to read anything and everything about this exceptional CMS.

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