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    35+ Sites to Get Free Stock Images
    For Commercial Use in 2024

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    Posted By | Updated on: January 5, 2024

    Sites to Get Free Stock Images For Commercial Use
    Free Stock Images For Commercial Use

    As a reputable web design company in Mumbai, we know that making a good first impression is important. We are constantly praised for the elegant simplicity of our website. However, most people are much curious about the images that we use, especially in our blog.

    Are they free images for commercial use? Do we make them or buy them? If we do buy them, where from and so on.

    Now, while we use licensed images from Freepik which is then modified by our in-house designers as per requirements, it got us thinking that not all bloggers or businesses, especially those just starting an online business, have the budget to buy licensed images.

    We all know the phrase – “a picture speaks a thousand words.” Having quality and relevant images on your blog or website can make it significantly more appealing. Besides engaging users, images are also known to improve your SEO score.

    However, the problem is that most images out there on the internet are copyright protected. That is, you can’t legally use the images without obtaining proper permissions, or without purchasing a license from the copyright holder.

    But the internet has answers for almost everything, doesn’t it?

    There are plenty of websites which offers access to Free Stock Images For Commercial Use. Most of this images will have a Creative Common Zero license which allows them to be used for any legal purpose. Thus, today we’ll be looking at some of these websites that offer royalty free images for commercial use.

    So without further ado, let’s get started!

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    Pixabay – Stunning Free Images


    Pixabay is one of the top image sites and a popular one-stop destination to go grab some free images and videos under the Creative Commons CCO license. The site, as stated, sports both images and videos, all of which can be downloaded, modified, and distributed for any purpose, including commercial purposes.

    Freepik – Free Vectors, PSD, Icons and photos


    Freepik offers a vast range of different images such as vector art, illustrations, icons, photos and more. This is the best place for web design images and can be used for websites, banners, magazines etc. The only catch is that you can utilize these images for commercial use with attribution.

    Unsplash – Beautiful, Free Photos


    Unsplash initially started out as a simple Tumblr blog, and now it has become an industry-leading photography community. Here, you will come across plenty of free stock photos for commercial use, all of which are of excellent quality. In fact, some industry giants such as Apple, and other use Unsplash as a source of inspiration.

    Pexels – Best Free Stock Photos in One Place


    Pexels photo library might not be as extensive as that of Pixabay and Unsplash, but with over thirty thousands high-quality images, it is no a let down either. The platform provides access to some niche category images like social media, beauty, cars and so on. This site is worth keeping bookmarked especially if you are a blogger or if you need images for website designing.

    Flickr – Find Your Inspiration


    Flickr, as you might know, is basically an online photo management platform. It is home to 10 billions of photos ranging across different niches. However, it does offer a separate section filled with imagery under the CCO license. This means, if you have just started a new blog, under this section of the site, you will find plenty of free photos for commercial use.

    Kaboompics – Want Some Exclusive Free Photos?


    Kaboompics is a well-known destination for obtaining some free images in niche areas such as lifestyle, interior design, or sophistication blogging. The site boasts an extensive library of images and filtering options based on colours and format to help you search through them easily.

    LibreShot – Free Images For Blogs or Websites


    LibreShot is a site run by Martin Vorel where he uploads all his works of photography and made them available for free. All images found on the website can be utilize for personal or commercial use and comes with a CCO – Public Domain licensing. The only catch is that you are not allowed to bulk download any images or use them on other stock image websites.

    SplitShire – Free Stock Photos For Commercial Use


    SplitShire catalogue of free images consists of high-quality abstract art. The website started out with a simple motto – “help you to be awesome out there with great content.” And now the site has gather pages views and image downloads in the millions.

    FreeJPG- Free Stock Photos for Commercial & Editorial Use


    FreeJPG, as the name implies, is a site where you come across plenty of JPG format images for free. The site has an extensive library of royalty free images for commercial use divided under a number of categories. You can even search for images based on colours.

    PixaOcean – Free Raw Images


    Pixa Ocean is powered by a small group of people who loves travelling and taking pictures. Pixa Ocean is their project to provide their photography to the rest of the world, totally royalty free with no strings attached. All images on the site are ideal to be used on blogs, websites, and even banners.

    However, ensure that you optimize all images before using them. This will help speed up your WordPress website.

    Realistic Shots – Free Stock Photos For Personal & Commercial Use

    Realistic Shots

    Realistic Shots is home to a broad range of free stock photos for commercial use. You can find photographs in multiple categories such as architecture, nature, people, travel, and technology. Also, the site uploads around 7 new images every single week, so there is always something new available.

    Snapwire Snaps

    Snapwire Snaps

    Snapwire Snaps boasts a massive collection of over two hundred thousand photos taken by talented photographers from around the world. These image are optimized for social sharing. The best thing about the site, despite so many contributors, all images showcased on the site are hand-picked for quality. Furthermore, new images are frequent updated.

    Life of Pix – Free High Resolution Photography

    Life of Pix

    Life of Pix is a stock image website run by a community of awesome photographers. Not only are these photographers talented, but they also make their work available for free for other people to use. All images are of high-quality and are divided into categories to help you quickly find them. If you want to know how to become a photographer, then you can check out this guide.

    Skitterphoto – A Place to Find, Show & Share Public Domain Photos


    Skitterphoto is a relatively new photography website run by two friends who happen to be photographers themselves. The administrators of the website themselves suffered from a lack of good quality free images on the internet. That is why they started the website to fill in this gap. All pictures on the platform are assured of quality and falls under the CCO licensing.

    Public Domain Archive – New 100% Free Stock Photos

    Public Domain Archive

    Public Domain Archive is the perfect place to find a huge library of vintage imagery. There are also plenty of modern images available as well. You will get access to numerous free images for website. Furthermore, new images get added every 7 days.

    Gratisography – Quirky, Creative, Always Free Photos


    Gratisography is the perfect place to stock up on some high-quality free stock images for any print project. The site mainly features imagery of people posing with some exaggerated features, and in certain interesting situations. If you are looking for free quirky pictures for social media posts, blog posts or others then this is the perfect site.

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      DesignersPics – Free Hi-Res Photos For Personal & Commercial Use


      DesignersPics boasts a whole catalogue of pictures taken by photographer Jeshu John. The man has updated the site with a variety of images spread across different categories and made everything available for free. Without any strings attached, you can use his photos for your personal or commercial projects.

      Burst by Shopify – Free Stock Photos for Websites & Commercial Use

      Burst by Shopify

      Burst is another website quite popular among bloggers and website owners. The site is mostly focused on delivering images that fit in categories like fitness, yoga, or portrait photography. Even though it is created by Shopify – the popular eCommerce company, everything offered is available for free and requires no attribution as well. If you are looking for free web design images this site is your best bet.

      Free Nature Stock – Royalty-free Nature Stock Photos

      Free Nature Stock

      Free Nature Stock is, you guessed it, a site filled with free nature stock photos. One of the most common types of photographs that get used a lot and never gets old is nature photographs. And so the site functions to deliver free royalty free images for commercial use taken by photographer Adrian Pelletier.

      Picography – Gorgeous Free Images to Use


      High-quality relevant images have a huge potential of going viral. Picography is a site filled with hundreds and thousands of lifestyle based photography. All images on the site are examined for quality and once approved are made available for free under the CCO licensing. The site also works great for a source of inspiration thanks to its collection of innovative photographs.

      Magdeleine – Hand-Picked Free Photos For Your Inspiration


      Magdeleine offers a collection of hi-resolution eye-catching images on a website that is also well designed with a fantastic UI. All the images on the site are hand-picked to make sure it is unique, high-res, and relevant to the platform. Furthermore, there is the option to fine-tune your search based on images and colours.



      Stockfied has stocks of free photographs which you can utilize for your personal or commercial use. The site is run by two Indians, who tours around India to fill the internet with some high-quality Indian photography. The images you find on the site are ideal for bloggers, or any Indian travel business.

      StockSnap – Beautiful Free Stock Photos


      StockSnap is a good stock image website which is worthwhile keeping on your bookmarks. The site has hundreds of images which categorized and further tagged under specific niches. You will be able to easily come across some free photos for commercial use in a matter of clicks.

      Travel Coffee Book

      Travel Coffee Book

      Travel Coffee Book is filled with beautiful jaw-dropping travel based imagery. Just visit the site and scroll down to see numerous photographs from different places around the world. The site is an asset for bloggers or anyone who has a business related to the travel industry and needs high-quality photos for commercial use.

      Shutteroo – Free Images


      Shutteroo is owned and run by web designer and traveller Klaye Morrison. The site is filled with free commercial stock photos taken by the man who was kind enough to make all of it available for free. However, you will not be allowed to resell or redistribute any of the images.

      ISO Republic – Free Stock Photos

      ISO Republic

      ISO Republic will tire you as you browse through over a hundred pages of high-quality copyright free images for commercial use. And the diversity among the images is also astounding. Starting from images of fashion and business to beautiful landscape shots, the site has it all, making it a great resource for web designers and graphic design agency in Mumbai looking for web design images.



      Foodiesfeed, as the name implies, is a site filled with images relevant to the food industry. It can prove to be a real asset to any food blogger or restaurant searching for free images for websites. It boasts a pretty nice collection of mouth-watering imagery which can be downloaded and used under the CCO license.



      EveryStockPhoto is essentially a search engine for free photographs and images. Unlike some of the other websites on this list, the site will not showcase a bunch of images on the homepage. Instead, it sports a search bar with advanced search options to help you find free stock photos for commercial use.

      Visual Hunt – We Hunt Free High Quality Stock Photos

      Visual Hunt

      VisualHunt offers a catalogue of high-quality free images for websites dug out from the deepest corners of the internet. Most of the images you will find on their site are unique and can be argued belongs in the fantasy genre. Regardless, everything is free to download and utilize for personal and commercial use.

      CupCake – Free (do what ever you want) Photos


      CupCake is not a stock food image website as the name might mislead you to believe. Instead, it boasts CCO licensed landscape and nature images. Most of the things you will find on their website are perfect to be used as hero images.

      Startup Stock Photos

      A good site for web designing images, Startup Stock Photos curates a wide collection of free photos targeted towards startups, bloggers, publishers, websites, and especially great for tech-related websites. Now as the name suggests, most of the images are focused around startup photography. And as usual, everything is free, royalty free images for commercial use.

      Pattern Pictures – Discover All Free Images

      Pattern Pictures

      Pattern Pictures boasts a collection of pattern photos, textures, and backgrounds which won’t come to your users directly. However, if you are intending to make a high-quality PowerPoint or Keynote presentation, the site’s collection of free for commercial use images will exceed your expectations.

      Jay Mantri – Free Pics

      Jay Mantri Free Pics

      Jay Mantri is a website owned and run by a photographer/designer which contains a multitude of high-quality landscape and cite photographs. The site is made to be easily navigable so that interested users can readily find free pictures for commercial use.

      Stokpic – Free Stock Photos For Commercial Use


      Stokpic holds a diverse collection of free commercial use images, but made available under two different licenses. Regardless, everything that is available can be used for free without any need of providing attribution. Some notable categories of images on the website would be of beaches, food shots, and people.

      IM Free – A Curated Collection of Free Web Design Resources

      IM Free

      IM Free is the free part of the popular stock image website: IM Creator. While the latter contains a multitude of images which requires you to purchase a license, with IM Free, everything is free to use and is well-organized with a decent collection of categories.

      Fancy Crave


      Fancy Crave started out to help small businesses by making stock footage free and accessible. Now, the site has grown a respectable collection of free images for website design with varied photos from different walks of life. Most of the images you will find will be useful for any type of online business.

      New Old Stock – Vintage Photos From The Public Archives

      New Old Stock

      And with, New Old Stock we end our list of free commercial images. As you can conclude from the name, the site contains a collection of vintage and old pictures. All these images are free to use, and best of all, new images are added frequently.

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      Being one of the best digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we understand that for most bloggers and web designers, finding the right stock image for blogs or website design is a tough task. For them, these free stock photos sites are a boon that offers an endless resource of beautiful and high-quality stock images & photography for varied purposes. Thus, if you were searching for free stock images for commercial use then your search ends here with this curated list. Bookmark them now!

      Also, if your website is image-rich, then ensure you use the best web hosting in India so it won’t impact your site’s speed.

      Do you have a favourite site from where you get free stock images? Let us know in the comment below!

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