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    Posted By | Updated September 21, 2023

    In today’s ever-changing digital market, the debate over the importance of technical SEO has heated up. Google’s John Mueller gets into the conflict, emphasizing the lasting importance of technical SEO. It also underlines the basic relevance of technical SEO in ensuring online presence and success in the face of evolving algorithms and SEO trends.

    A] Mueller’s Response to Claims of Technical SEO’s Decline

    Mueller's Response

    Image SourceX

    Technical SEO, according to John Mueller, is still an essential component of internet visibility despite claims to the contrary. This statement from John Mueller follows a tweet on X, formerly known as Twitter, in which one individual stated that “technical SEO is becoming less important every day.” As SEO pros weighed in, the topic gained traction.

    Mueller's Response

    Image Source: X

    B] Debate Sparked by Google’s Exploration of Website Redirects

    The ongoing discussion was prompted by a short video that Google Search Central posted that addressed the subtleties of website redirects. While the video’s focus was narrow, it discovered a broader discussion within the SEO community that heated up after Google’s recent modification to its ranking systems documentation.

    Google updated its ranking system guidelines in April, deleting technical SEO variables such as HTTPS and Core Web Vitals. This adjustment sparked debate and anxiety in the SEO industry, with some interpreting it as a sign of declining importance.

    Google was quick to clarify its stand on the issue. Danny Sullivan, Google Search Liaison, noted the importance of these components. He stated that the upgrade had shifted certain page experience elements from the “systems” category to the “signals” category, which did not lessen their significance but reflected their use as signals in other systems.

    C] John Mueller’s Take on Technical SEO’s Vital Role

    In the ever-competitive field of online visibility, John Mueller’s recent comment emphasizes the lasting importance of technical SEO. While talks about SEO have broadened to encompass themes such as content quality, user experience, and semantic comprehension, technical SEO remains a critical basis. It ensures that search engines can crawl, index, and rank websites efficiently, a critical feature that is frequently missed in the haste to adapt to new SEO trends.

    John Mueller’s affirmation, in conclusion, serves as a timely reminder for businesses and SEO experts to maintain a balanced strategy, pointing out the lasting value of technical SEO alongside other changing SEO trends.

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