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    The Power of Visual Communication in 2023 [Infographic]

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    The Power of Visual Communication

    What Is Visual Communication?

    Visual communication can be anything that expresses your idea and leaves an impact on a reader’s mind. Popular visual communication examples are images, videos, posters, graphics, among others. As a web design company in Mumbai, we understand that the way you put across your idea makes a vast difference in the web world. If your idea isn’t appealing or expressive enough, then no one would really pay heed to it.

    The impact of visual communication is certainly huge and applicable in almost all mediums. In fact, it is the most powerful tool for marketing, business communication and ranking in Google. Visual ideas hold power in the mind of the reader, and earlier forms of visual communications were engraving, cave painting, sculpting, and body ornamentation.

    In this post, we'll take a look at the importance of visual communication for all mediums, the different types of visual communications and the history of visual communication a.k.a. how visual communication styles have evolved over the years. However, before we get started, here is an infographic that explains all these points in brief.

    Take a look!

    Download: Click Here to Download the Free Visual Communication PDF that explains why visual communication is a better medium for audience engagement compared to written and oral medium.

    Power Of Visual Communcation Infographic

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    #Visual Communication aka Sight Communication

    The other name for visual communication is sight communication. As an SEO agency in Mumbai, we know for a fact that a picture or a visual image does make a difference when you use it effectively. In fact, most of us today are dependent on the power of visual communication and this trend is growing with time. According to a study, 80% of people grasp things better in a visual way; 20% of people remember what they read; and only 10% remember what they hear.

    Sight Communication

    So a picture indeed speaks a thousand words! In yet another study, it was proved that the brain processes visuals 60,000X faster than written content and that is the prime reason why people spend so much on marketing and promotion through different pictures. Effective visual communication can increase productivity by 35% and transparency by 43% if you compare it with other forms.

    A] Importance of Visual Communication

    1. Visual Communication Offers Easy Explanation

    Visual Communication Offers Easy Explanation

    Anything explained visually is easier to comprehend. The meaning is clear, and it creates a greater impact. Visual techniques are more relevant to visual communication if you compare it to written words. If you lose your way, you can find your way through a 3D map or a visual map.

    2. It's a Flexible Form of Communication

    A symbol or graphic is a flexible form of communication. It helps to bridge the cross-cultural difference between the two countries and is effective for cross-culture communication. If you go to a foreign location and find it difficult to understand the language, then this is where a simple symbol or picture can help remove the barrier of communication.

    3. It Helps Facilitate Faster Decision Making

    Faster Decision Making

    If you compare visual communication with verbal communication, then the former gives you an instant response. This also prevails in the effectiveness of the communication that you use. A sales chart can let you know about falling and rising trends in seconds. A bar chart lets you know about the first and last item in a single glance. So, you can instantly decide on your next call, which makes Visual communication an effective tool.

    4. It Helps Present Complex Information In A Simple to Understand Format

    Simple to Understand Format

    If you visit a technical website and do not understand a word, what will you do? You’d leave the site and search for information on some other site that explains technical concepts in a simple language, right? Thus, presentation is very important in visual communication. As a web development company in Mumbai, we have made the best use of visual communication while creating websites. You can easily present technical language or content by using data, figures, graphs, and diagrams. In short, through visuals, complex information can be presented in a simple to understand format.

    5. Effective For People Who Do Not Understand Much

    Effective visual communication is also great for people who are unable to understand written or complex things. It is helpful for unschooled receivers to exchange ideas and information in a processed and organized way, as it is always easier to understand things that are visually presented. In recent years, most websites and businesses use explainer videos to educate users and to captivate their attention.

    Check out different types of Power of Visual Communication in 2020. [#Infographic] by @cmwdesignagency #VisualCommunication #Visual #Communication

    6. It Helps Improve Audience Engagement

    Helps Improve Audience Engagement

    Visual communication is certainly more eye-pleasing when compared to other forms of communication, which leads to greater online audience engagement. It is not only artistic but also brings an aesthetic enjoyment to the reader. A funny picture can make a reader laugh, and a serious picture can make a reader think. Different forms provide enjoyable leads, and that makes a huge difference in communication.

    7. Visual Communication Helps Increase Your Reach

    Visual Communication Helps Increase Your Reach

    Visual techniques help save a lot of time. Written or oral communication takes time to process, but visual communication can reach many people through a single image, as it is much easier to understand basic things visually.

    8. It is a Popular Form of Communication

    Visual communication is the most popular form of communication as most people prefer diagrams, videos and images rather than speech or written content. Explaining a particular thing with simple illustrations also leave an impact on the reader’s mind.

    B] Types Of Visual Communications

    9. Graphs

    A graph is an important part of visual communication as it shows the relationship between two different quantities. There are three main types of graphs namely; Pie, Chart, and Bar.

    For example, the below graph explains the ideal content length to rank in the top 10 search results.


    Graphs help to explain detailed information. If presented in a proper way, it helps readers to grasp things effortlessly. They are mostly used for business presentations, and the most common types show upward or downward trends.

    10. Objects

    Objects are normally used for demonstration and putting across a clear message. It’s a transparent way to connect to the audience as it’s in the visual form. Objects are used for different tutorials as well. A globe can help explain about different countries around the world and their geographical size. It is a powerful visual aid if you want a message to be grasped quickly.

    Objects are mostly used for discussions, explanations, and education purposes. The only issue with this form is its improper use and immobility at times.

    Check out different types of Power of Visual Communication in 2020. [#Infographic] by @cmwdesignagency #VisualCommunication #Visual #Communication

    11. Maps

    Maps are popular in visual communication. If you need to search for a place or if you are stuck somewhere, maps always come in handy. If you travel to a foreign location, maps help you to find your location in minutes.


    Maps are a simple form of geographic reference, but an important part of communication lead. Using a map, you can also reach an unknown place. Today, most online local businesses use Google Maps to attract target audience and to boosts local search rankings.

    12. Models

    Models represent the things that the speaker wants to explain in detail. Models make the audience comprehend the message clearly. A perfect visual communication example of models would be the solar system. Teachers use small models to make students understand the vast solar system.


    Models are not actual objects, but a representation of that object. They are a visual aid for things that are big in size (earth) and makes explanation easy.

    13. Photographs/Image

    Another great tool for detail explanation, there are many ways through which photographs/images can be projected to describe something or to give information. A photograph can be simple or detailed depending on the medium.


    You can use it through chalkboards, pasteboards or posters, display pictures or handouts, projectors or computer presentations. Photographs/images are used in many forms. It also depends on the situation or purpose. A simple photograph/image can have a great influence on the user, and for this reason, there are numerous free stock image websites online that offer images ranging from photos to vectors, icons and more.

    14. Tables

    Tables are easy to understand as they give out facts in an organized way. They can also be used for comparison. Tables are visually used to organize symbols, data and words. But, not many people relate to this form, as it can be a bit cluttered. Though it is a powerful medium of visual communication, it’s not too pleasing to the eyes.


    In fact, if the tables are not made correctly, it can be a visual distraction for the person who wants specific information from the same. However, tables are widely used to process different kinds of information.

    15. Drawings & Diagrams

    A drawing or a simple diagram is used when you don’t want to process information through a photograph. It’s mainly used to give out specific information. Most people use it for explaining things. Diagrams and drawings play a great role in education, as it promotes visual thinking. Its mostly used by students in their projects or assignment.

    Drawings & Diagrams

    The only problem with diagrams and drawings is the way it’s used. If the diagram is not proper, then it will not have an impact, and at times, a drawing can look a bit sloppy & ineffective.

    Check out different types of Power of Visual Communication in 2020. [#Infographic] by @cmwdesignagency #VisualCommunication #Visual #Communication

    C] History of Visual Communication

    16. Ideograms


    Ideograms are used to describe different kinds of symbols and signs. It’s a graphic symbol used to represent an idea or an explanation. The ‘no smoking’ sign and different signs that you see on the roads are an example of ideograms. Ideogram was first used in Africa about 5,000 years ago. Ideogram uses different geometric shapes to convey an idea.

    17. Logograms


    Logograms are single words that let you know about the logos or particular language. It was developed 3,500 years ago in China. A Logogram is a written or pictorial symbol and can be used in various kinds of scripts. Logographic is a visual image that is embedded with a specific meaning.

    18. Alphabets


    Alphabets emerged in 2000 BC in ancient Egypt. Greeks developed the first basis for the uppercase alphabet. Alphabets play a major role in the development of visual style. Different font styles were introduced during the renaissance that transformed alphabets into modern words.

    19. Books


    A Book is a portable intellectual physical object. Scrolls, codex and manuscripts were used for written words in ancient Egypt. The earliest form of manuscript dates back to 400 AD when papyrus was used for writing. The first printing press was developed in 1501 in Europe when the first rag paper was introduced.

    20. Statistic Or Data Visualization

    Statistic Or Data Visualization

    Statistic or data visualization is the creation and study of different types of data. It includes different types like a bar chart, tree chart, scatters plot, Gantt chart, and steam graph.

    Check out different types of Power of Visual Communication in 2020. [#Infographic] by @cmwdesignagency #VisualCommunication #Visual #Communication

    21. Infographics


    Most websites use infographics for delivering a message today. Infographics are a graphic visual representation that uses data or information to inform clearly and quickly. It’s the best way to provide basic information to the intended audience. Like this infographic on how to create a viral infographic.

    22. Graphic Design

    Graphic Design

    Graphic Designing combines pictures, text, and ideas to express ideas. Graphic Design in Mumbai plays a big role in marketing, promotion and advertising. It was first introduced in the 16th century for commercial advertising. Computer graphics came into the picture in the year 1960. Today, there are many software available for graphic designing that helps make your job easier.

    23. Videos

    The first video was introduced in 1951, and digital photography came into light in 1981. Videos are the most powerful tool for visual communication. Every product requires an explainer video introduction. Even apps and software need a video to explain things.


    Videos have an amazing web presence compared to other types of visual communication. As such, if you want to create an explainer video for your business then as an experienced explainer video company in Mumbai, we can help!

    24. Projectors and Presentation

    Projectors and Presentation

    No business meeting is complete without presentation and use of projectors today. PowerPoint presentation is a very useful video aid that puts across the message in the most effective way. The flow of presentation through a projector is also systematic.

    25. Social Media

    Social Media

    Social Media is an effective medium to communicate with your readers. In fact, today it is the most powerful and accepted visual communication medium. Your message delivers quickly through different social platforms. It not only helps to inform but also create an impact on the reader in a creative way. You can use many social media platforms for marketing and advertising your product or business.

    If you need help setting up a social profile for your business, or with social media management & marketing, then check out the social media services that we offer to know how we can help!

    Check out different types of Power of Visual Communication in 2020. [#Infographic] by @cmwdesignagency #VisualCommunication #Visual #Communication

    #Last Word

    When given a choice between words and images to understand things in a better way, most people always opt for a picture/image as it explains even complex information in an easy to understand format.

    Images always trigger more emotions than words. It’s true, as there is a greater chance of you remembering what you see than what you hear or read. That is the impact of visual communication on the human mind. Images also communicate faster and in a more translatable way. As opposed to words, images have a quick response, and it's good for the memory as you understand things in a better way.

    Visual communication has a very wide spectrum that includes drawing, designing, illustrations, and animations. Visual to words is powerful. It also helps to improve general comprehension and increases retention. So, make use of visual tools to gain better perceptive and enhance your skills!

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