WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal
     wordpress vs joomla vs drupal

    It is a fact that 'content is king'.

    It’s the most organic way to generate more leads & traffic for your business, and the fastest & the easiest way to implement it is by engaging an SEO company in Mumbai to improve your site's Google search ranking.

    However, the question is, how do you get your content out there in a way that's fast, secure and reliable – while making your content, articles, images & videos look great?

    Well, the answer to this question is simple.

    By using 1 of the 3 Content Management Systems used by 32% of all online websites: WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.`

    Pie Chart All CRM Used

    You may not have heard these names before but you've seen them used by hundreds of popular websites, from Pizza Hut to the Greek Government to BBC America.

    And the great news is, you can use these platforms, too! It's just a matter of picking the best one for you and your business.That's what we're about to help you do in this CMS comparison article and we'll start by explaining what a CMS is.

    However, before we move forward, here is an infographic on WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal that summarizes the key points of this article.

    Download: Click Here to Download The PDF on WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal (Infographic): Which Is The Best CMS in 2022?

    WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal

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    Content Management Systems

    Content Management Systems

    The acronym CMS intimidates a lot of people – especially small business owners and solo entrepreneurs. But the truth is, there's nothing scary about it!

    CMS stands for 'content management system'. In laymen's terms, that means a CMS is a website platform made for the purpose of releasing and managing content.

    Content can come in a variety of shapes in sizes. Examples include:

    • eCommerce listings
    • Videos
    • Hi-resolution photographs
    • Blog posts

    The great news is, the 3 CMS that we're about to compare i.e. WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal are made for end-users; not programmers. You don't have to be a coding genius to use them. All you need to do is pick the right CMS for your website and follow a set of straightforward instructions.

    At the same time, a CMS can do anything a 'regular' website can do from being your complete solution to hosting an online store to running an online newspaper (or blog).

    Which means that you can make any kind of website by using the right CMS!

    website by using the right CMS

    Now, like we said above, around 32% of the internet uses 3 simple platforms to run their websites. These 3 Content Management Systems are called WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla.

    The trio has a few similarities – but also some important differences. It's important you keep them in mind because it's a lot easier to pick the right CMS for your website from the very start rather than switch horses mid-stream!

    Below, we're going to tell you about each of these wonderful systems and help you pick the right one for your needs.

    But first, before we start our CMS comparison, let's talk about what all 3 systems have in common!

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    The Commonalities

    WordPress vs Drupal vs Joomla

    First, let's start with the really great news. WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are all free to use! You can download and deploy them on your hosting right now; no strings attached.
    And that's the first commonality of the CMS 'big 3': all three are free to use under the GNU General Public License.

    The next similarity is that all 3 CMS are mostly written in the coding language of PHP. If you have a working knowledge of PHP, you'll be afforded a lot of freedom in the way you use all 3 platforms.

    Moreover, PHP is a common language that almost all browsers are well-equipped to process and this means all 3 CMS are stable across a range of platforms and operating systems.

    Another win!

    Finally, the use of PHP means that if you hire a web programmer to work on your website, you'll easily be able to switch to a new CMS without having to hire or train new personnel.

    The third similarity is that all three CMS are open-source projects. This means you're free to change them to whatever degree you need to create a solution that's perfect for your business.

    Needless to say, this is a far cry from the 90s and early 00s when people had to code websites from scratch each time or use templates that were rigidly controlled.

    A side-effect of the open source spirit is that WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal all have thriving communities built around them. Go there, and any questions you may have will be answered quickly and for free.

    With 3 major things in common, it's fair to say these popular CMS are driven by a spirit of exploration and mutual help.

    However, it's important to understand that they also have some very real (and important) differences!

    So let's find out which is the best content management system!

    WordPress CMS

    WordPress CMS

    We’ll start with WordPress: the most popular CMS. It hosts 30%+ of all websites on the internet, including:

    • The New Yorker
    • TechCrunch
    • Variety
    • MTV News

    The reason for WordPress's (WP's) popularity lies in its incredible simplicity and ease of use. Back in the day, you had to access your host via FTP and upload WP installation files, after which, you completed a straightforward, 5-minute installation process.

    But today, things are even simpler than that!

    Most hosting companies offer dedicated WordPress servers and one-click WP installs. That means all you have to do if you're using GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGatoror any other major host is click an 'Install WP' button and your site is ready to go.

    That means you can go from thinking about your website to posting content to it in as little as 5 minutes and that's the huge advantage WordPress has over Joomla and Drupal: simplicity and speed.

    WordPress plugins database

    Now, you might expect a trade-off between simplicity and features… And to a degree, that's true.

    But WP's community has worked very hard for over a decade. They've found a near-infinite number of ways to get everything you could possibly need using the system. As a result, the WordPress database has 53,000+ plugins with nearly 1.5 billion total downloads for you to access at any time.

    Design: Another area in which WP excels is design. In 2014 alone, there were well over 120 million theme download from alone and there are hundreds of thousands of free and commercial themes out there.

    avada WordPress theme

    No matter what you need your website to look like – a digital marketing agency in Mumbai store, a blog, a portal, WordPress can handle it… And make you look great in the process.

    The one caveat is that without knowing PHP, you'll find it difficult to customize certain website areas but there is a web design company in India and freelance coders that hiring one should prove to be inexpensive.

    Community: The one area where WP really stands out is its community. Just check out these stats: 900+ meetup groups for WP in multiple countries around the world!

     WP meetup groups

    Over 250,000 active members in WP meetup groups worldwide. You can find a meetup group in 60+ countries and 500+ cities.

    There are over 2 million (!!!) topics on the forum.

    That should give you some idea of the popular support WP gets from its users!

    That's why this CMS is commonly recommended as the best possible choice for beginners.

    WordPress is easy to set up (checkout the WordPress Checklist); it looks great; it's easy to find support for.

    To summarize, WordPress comes with the following benefits:

    • Free to use & Cost-effective – Being an open-source project means you can use it for free, thus, making it a budget-friendly CMS.
    • Easy to Maintain, Secure and SEO-friendly. It also helps improve website’s speed and performance.
    • Easy to Use and Install – WordPress is famous for its 5 minutes install and since it doesn’t require extensive knowledge of HTML or PHP to run this CMS, it makes using WordPress relatively easy.
    • WordPress is reliable and scalable. Plus, it works across all major web browsers
    • Customizable Responsive Web Designs – It allows you to easily customized the entire look your website to suits your needs
    • Active Community support through Q&A sessions, blogs, discussions, forums and more.

    WordPress is the best choice for beginners because of it's ease-of-use, it works especially well for small to medium sized websites, blogs and smaller e-commerce stores.

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      Joomla CMS

      Joomla CMS

      Joomla is a very popular CMS with 2.8% of the world's websites using it.

      That might seem like a small number after you read about WP, but the platform's still been downloaded over 35 million times and gets downloaded again every 2.5 (!) seconds!

      Moreover, Joomla is used to run websites like:

      • Leonardo DiCaprio’s
      • Gorillaz’
      • Pizza Hut’s
      • Kellogs’

      So, needless to say, there's almost as much star power backing this CMS as there is WordPress.

      While WP was initially created as a Blogging platform, Joomla was made with Social Networks and eCommerce in mind. That makes it an easier, more natural fit for these kinds of websites than WP.

      Another important difference is that Joomla offers a lot more customization for people who know how to code. If you or someone on your team understands PhP, you may be better off using this platform.

      And when it comes to design…

      Design: Joomla has over 6,000 wonderful themes and has plenty of coders and designers that work with it. That means you can easily create a website that looks great and offers more customization options than WordPress can.

      Joomla Themes Design

      Community: Joomla has an active and vibrant user community. You can get your questions answered on a variety of support forums completely free of charge and download thousands of plugins to help you get the most out of the CMS.

      To sum it up, Joomla comes with the following advantages:

      • Simple to Install and Manage – It is quick & easy to download and install Joomla. Additionally, it provides a good navigation system that makes it easy to manage this CMS.
      • An Open Source Software – Joomla is a free to use software. It doesn’t require much knowledge of CSS, PHP or HTML and hence, it is an economical CMS through which you can create a beautiful website.
      • Provides Flexible Web Designs – With numerous Joomla extensions, you can create a fully functional website as well as customize it to your preference.
      • Good for eCommerce site & Social Networking – Joomla is an eCommerce &
        social networking site friendly CMS that allows you to create amazing websites without much hassle.
      • Not too technical like Drupal – Unlike Drupal, to use this CMS you don’t require to have an ample knowledge about web scripting languages.
      • Help Portal – It has an active Joomla community that provides help & support to all Joomla users. Plus, it has additional online resources, forums etc

      And that about sums up Joomla. It's got fewer plugins and themes than WP but is also more customizable and better-suited for social networks and eCommerce sites. If you have a little PHP knowledge, this may be a better bet.

      Need help with social media management and marketing? Check our Social Media Services to know how we can help!

      And this brings us to our final candidate in the WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal comparison.

      Drupal CMS

      Drupal CMS

      Drupal is about as popular as Joomla; this CMS is the foundation of over 2.2% of all websites online today (that's over a million sites!).

      And as a leading digital marketing agency in Mumbai, we can be honest about the fact that Drupal is the most powerful and technically advanced CMS of the 3 we cover on this page. But, as anyone who's watched a Spiderman film knows, with great power comes great responsibility in our case, in the form of required technical proficiency!

      Drupal is extremely flexible in what you can do. You can edit root files directly; use a variety of plugins, themes, and DIY add-ons; make very significant changes to the CMS.

      The downside of that is that you need to be technically skilled to use the platform and even more skilled to make sure you don't screw anything up.

      That might sound a little daunting – but there are also numerous benefits to Drupal:

      • Free and Economical CMS – Like mentioned above, it is an open source software and provides a huge number of themes, modules etc that can help to considerably bring down the cost of Web Development Company in Mumbai
      • Technically Advanced – Drupal is often termed as an enterprise-class CMS and as such, it is a technically advanced software with well-crafted codes. Plus, since Drupal uses its resources wisely, it is a less resource-intensive CMS that requires a less expensive server and fewer resources.
      • Customizable – Drupal provides an almost infinite number of web designs which are highly customizable, thus giving developers and designers ample options to meet all requirements made by clients.
      • Drupal is also mobile-friendly and provides a robust security that protects your website from all harm.
      • Faster load times – This CMS improves your site’s speed and performance, which help boosts your SEO.

      Unfortunately, the difficulty of using Drupal means that community help isn't always sufficient. You should have a basic knowledge of PHP, HTML, and perhaps even Python to be able to make sense of Drupal.

      about PHP, HTML and perhaps

      You don't have to be a genius programmer or anything but a fundamental understanding will make your life a lot easier.

      Also keep in mind that, unlike WP and Joomla, Drupal is tough to learn – which means that experts in this CMS are expensive.

      If you're looking for a low-tech, easy-and-quick solution to your content management needs, Drupal is not for you.

      But if you're not afraid of challenges and have a tech-savvy individual on your team to help set up and use this CMS, you'll be richly rewarded.

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      Which Is Right For You?

      Which is Best CMS

      To recap, let’s look at what each of the above CMS is best for.

      WordPress is for people looking for a CMS that’s simple and quick to install. WordPress is the Best CMS for beginners and is fast to set up, easy to customize through its Best WordPress plugins repository and is available in millions of different templates.

      Joomla is best for people who want to create a social network and/or eCommerce store. Best when operated by someone who knows PhP but simple enough for anyone to use.

      Drupal is an extremely powerful system best left for experienced internet users and/or programmers.


      This comparison guide on WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal gives you a detailed breakdown of how each CMS works. I hope that reading this as given you a prescriptive on the advantages and disadvantages of each CMS and will help you make the right decision when picking up a CMS for your business.

      Now, print this WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal infographic or save it to make sure you never get the Internet's 3 most popular CMS confused again!

      Download: Click Here to Download The PDF on WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal (Infographic): Which Is The Best CMS in 2018?

      Copyright © 2022 Capsicum Mediaworks LLP

      The WordPress vs Joomla vs Drupal is the copyright of Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP. All rights reserved. This infographic, or any part of it, may not be altered or reproduced in any format without a written permission from the writers.


      All the information in this article is error-free and reliable to the best of our knowledge. However, Capsicum Mediaworks, LLP shall not be accountable for any loss or damage suffered as a result of following these instructions.

      We are not liable for any malfunctioning of the referenced software or services stated in this work.

      We only publish information about the workings of certain third-party services, but we do not endorse or support third-party services or products and are not responsible for the functions or authenticity of these services.

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