Great Examples of About Us Pages To Inspire You
    Great Examples of About Us Pages To Inspire You

    In today’s age, a business website might as well speak for the company because it has become mandatory to have an About Us Page.

    And while the traditional format might work for some, it isn’t ideal for everyone.

    Unless you are a well-established brand, you might not be able to pull it off.

    Furthermore, it might lead to a higher bounce rate.

    Here’s the Format for that most traditional About Us Page;

    • Company Vision
    • Our Mission
    • Core Values

    It has become so monotonous that we can hardly differentiate one business from another if we were to judge them based on this.

    To retain visitors on your website as well as show them the efforts you have made to build an About Us page, you need to come up with something smart, creative, and engaging. Thus, here is a list of 10 great examples of the About Us page.

    These might light the spark of creativity and make you ask the question, can we do better than this? The answer is yes, with the help of an experienced web design agency in Mumbai.

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    Minimal About Us Design

    Like we have already covered, do all the businesses need to stray away from the traditional format? No, but the new ones certainly do need it. Minimal page designs don’t necessarily follow that format but have a similar feel to it, and as an advantage over the traditional ones i.e. they do not lack creativity. When properly implemented, they can be even better than some extravagant design.

    We have shared examples of a few instances where minimal has been the best choice. These three well-known businesses have managed to successfully implement a stellar About Us Page with content that speaks about their purpose.

    Microsoft About Us Page
    Microsoft About Us Page

    Microsoft’s header itself is quite appealing in its simplicity. After you scroll down, you will come across neatly placed links to respective About Us sections that one can easily navigate through.

    • Sony’s About Us Page
    Sony’s About Us Page

    Sony’s About Us page is another example of minimal design. Although a majority of the businesses on this list are globally recognized brands, they have still maintained a theme that matches their purpose.

    • Walmart About Us Page
    Walmart About Us Page

    Simple doesn’t necessarily mean plain. You can add a bit of personality and tell a story in the page’s header itself. Where Microsoft and Sony chose words to do it, Walmart added a video to highlight their words.

    What Is Great About These About Us Examples?

    In simple words, when you have too much to share – keep it simple and precise.

    The Walt Disney Company’s About Us Page Featuring its Achievement History

    Walt Disney Company’s About Us Page

    We have shared a screengrab of Walt Disney’s About Us Page section, which is as wonderful as the company itself. They have added a slider to showcase their achievements and acquisition throughout history, from 1923 to 2020. This section is at the very bottom of the page.

    Why is Walt Disney Company’s About Us page great?

    The innovative use of sliders to show the timeline has turned an otherwise okay About us Page into an exceptional one.

    Huge Inc Perfectly Designed About Us Page

    Huge Inc About Us Page
    Huge Inc About Us Page

    Huge Inc, without a doubt, has one of the best-designed websites we have seen out there. Every aspect has been crafted by their talented designers, who are doing the same for their clients. Their About Us page is just as outstanding as the rest of the website. With its uniquely attractive about us page design that uses very few images to the neat placement of engaging words and strategically placed diagrams, its well-crafted design makes it stand out from the traditional crowd.

    Why is Huge Inc’s About Us page great?

    The overall design, the artful use of colours as well as each section in some way follows the minimal rule and yet is extravagant in its design.

    Lateral Inc’s Employee Centric About Us Page

    Lateral Inc’s Employee Centric About Us Page

    Wow! It is another best about us page that we came across. Focused on Lateral Inc’s team-centric About Us page, this video sheds light on a brilliantly executed idea that might have taken hours for them to design. Think about the photos the employees must have had to take to make it all work. And let’s not forget the designer and developer that put it all together.

    Why is Lateral Inc’s About Us page great?

    Everything! It is the best use of creativity out there. Our advice to those seeking inspiration from this, go all out!

    Quip’s About Us Page Featuring Its Linear Graph Of Progress

    Quip’s About Us Page

    What makes this otherwise normal About Us Page stand out amongst the masses? It’s how they chose to represent their story, not just in words but using a linear graph that highlights their journey and essential milestones they have reached over the year. Such a beautiful idea to start your website. It is not only appealing to the eye, but it is also very strategic to show data in such a statistical manner.

    Why is Quip’s About Us page great?

    The innovative and statistical representation of Quip’s journey stands out.

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      Sunski’s Detailed About Us Page Featuring its Timeline

      Sunski’s Detailed About Us Page

      How does one decide whether they need to choose a minimal about us page design or if they should go all out on it? There are at least two factors to consider here: One, does your business often change their website design based on the latest trends? If you answer, yes, it’s that time again, the time to check the latest website trends and update your design accordingly. Now, if your answer is a no, then that’s where the second factor comes in, your clients and customers.

      Do your research and consider what your clients and customers expect from your business activities. Corporate clients usually prefer minimal designs with statistics that move them, whereas creative clients are wowed by innovative ideas masterfully executed.

      Why is Sunski’s About Us page great?

      The creators of the Sunski about us page design knew that their goal was to combine creativity with a lot of information. And this design is an amalgam of both. Although it is not much detailed, the layout makes it appear so. The About Us page content gives its visitors an engaging backstory, hooking them in from the get-go.

      Giphy’s Engaging Animated About Us Page

      Giphy’s Engaging Animated About Us Page

      GIPHY has empowered content everywhere through visual communication. We can find a Gif for almost everything – from blog posts to the comments section these days. So, we weren’t surprised when we came across this engaging animated roller coaster video. There is a lot to be learned from Giphy’s About Us page.

      It has gotten everything right, from the header, colours, content, and visual appeal. GIPHY’s header has a unique video background that doesn’t distract from the content present on it. The About Us page body, after the roller coaster video, modestly describes their achievements and how GIPHY is everywhere.

      Why is GIPHY’s About Us page great?

      The use of right content; be it words or video background or the roller-coaster. It is a great idea executed in the right manner. You could always try to beat it.

      Adidas About Us Page Featuring an Infographic

      Adidas About Us Page

      To be honest, this is the first time we have come across an about us page featuring an infographic. Oh, we have seen some statistics on pages that strategically showcase their sales, happy customers, and several such factors, but Adidas has taken it to a whole new level. The infographic shares a detailed story. We have shared the 2019 infographic, which may soon be updated. Wonder what they have up their sleeve for 2020 and future years.

      Why is Adidas’s About Us page great?

      The ingenious use of an infographic, which is usually reserved for other content, is iconic. Someone must have asked, why can’t we do it and confused a lot of people with that question. Well, in a way, isn’t all creative content born this way? The process starts with, can we do it? Followed by, why can’t we do it? And finally, arrive at, oh we did it!

      Freelance Web Designer Gummisig’s About Us Page

      Freelance Web Designer Gummisig’s About Us Page

      The probability of our including a freelance web designer increased when we decided to make this list. We found Gummisig’s profile on the internet, and we just had to share it. It is a phenomenal example of the right combination of wit and skills. The background might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but we have to admit that the whole page design does exceptionally well. From including his picture to the size of fonts and the content it shows, everything was well-planned.

      Why is Gummisig’s About Us page great?

      It’s unique and witty. It caught our attention because the web-designer took a risk that paid off.

      Cultivated Wit’s About Us Page

      Cultivated Wit’s About Us Page

      Here is a great example of an about us page created by comedians for comedians as well as their audience. The first thing you’ll notice is the tagline: We Make Fun. It is strategically followed by pictures of the team looking like they are genuinely having fun. Well, except for the technical director Adam, who looks like he would rather be anywhere else.

      Cultivated Wit’s About Us Page

      They have a very entertaining and engaging description of what they do. It has a story like feel to it, which makes people want to stay and read about it.

      Cultivated Wit’s About Us Page

      Next, they have team member photos and descriptions. Let’s talk about the fun element they have added to each of their pictures. It just reassures their visitors that they have come to the right place for fun.

      Why is the Cultivated Wit’s About Us page great?

      From the impressive tagline to the engaging description about what they do to the team pictures, Cultivated Wit has been true to the theme of their business.

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      Final Word

      Now that we have shared our list, you can let us know if you come across any designs to beat some of these. Each of these designs is like a muse, inspiring people to bring their ideas to life.

      Need help creating an engaging About Us page for your website? As an experienced web development agency in Mumbai, we can help!

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