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    Google Position Checker Tools

    From Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest and Google’s Search Console to numerous free Google position checkers, the internet is crowded with countless such tools.

    We are here to help you sort through it all. Our guide has shared six free and 1 paid Google ranking tools, each with its pros and cons. The paid version for every Google website rank checker is sold together with other SEO tools, such as backlinks checker, website analysis, keyword research tools, etc. So, although it might seem like you are paying a steep price for a Google position checker tool, you probably are purchasing rights to use several competent SEO tools at that price.

    Throughout our guide, we have used several different examples for showing SEO metrics, two of which are and The first website is a dummy example, whereas the other is Wikipedia, which doesn’t need an introduction.

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    Free Website Rank Checkers

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console

    Google Search Console is the leading free keyword position checker available online. It is one of the two Google website rank checkers we will discuss in our guide. Although Google Search Console is a free tool, you’ll still have to sign up with a Google account to gain access to the dashboard. Creating an account is a simple process. Once you log in with your Gmail account, you’ll be taken to a window that will let you add your website to the search console. You’ll have to verify the website ownership after you add a domain property.

    Verify the website ownership

    Once you have successfully added the domain property, you can select it on the dashboard through a drop-down list. Then click on the Performance tab.

    Performance tab

    The performance of your website will be displayed in graphical format, showing spikes when your website receives traffic. Based on the following data, web users have clicked on 30 times, as it appears in the search result.

    Open Report

    At the top right corner, find the ‘Open Report’ option. It will show you a detailed analysis of your website. This is where you’ll find the position of your website on Google.

    The section Average position displays’s position on Google, which in this case is 11.5.

    As you can see, it also shares other metrics such as:

    • Total impressions: This number gives the number of times URLs from your website have appeared on Google and been seen by users.
    • Average CTR: Average click-through rate

    Average click-through rate


    • One of the top free and accurate keyword rank checkers
    • It provides complete website analysis, including top queries in the performance tab
    • It also allows you the opportunity to inspect every URL of your website


    • You have to verify the website. So, unless you have access to the Domain Name Provider, you can’t check its potion on Google.

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    Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest


    Ubersuggest allows you three free daily searches with the free version. We added the website name: and limited our search to the country/location: India. After hitting search, we received a quick traffic overview of

    As you scroll down, you’ll get to the SEO keywords section, which shows a list of top keywords with the Google position rank for the website. The results aren’t limited to a country. You can select from the list of countries shown without exhausting your 2nd free search.

    Traffic Overview

    Seo keywords

    The SEO keywords result shows the following metrics:

    • Search Volume: Number of people entering the keyword in Google search engine.
    • Website Position: The website’s rank for that particular keyword.
    • Estimated Visits: Traffic your website or web page gets for a particular keyword.


    • One of the top-rated free and SEO dedicated keyword position checker
    • It provides a quick traffic overview of your website
    • It also includes additional data such as top pages by country, SEO keywords by country


    • You are limited to 3 searches a day, regardless of what tool you use
    • Keywords by traffic only display data for 20 keywords. You can’t see all the keywords your website is ranking for in the free version.

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      SmallSEOTools Keyword Ranker

      SmallSEOTools’ Keyword Ranker offers an alternative for those who aren’t interested in creating a Google console account and are looking for a quick fix. After Google, SmallSEOTools is one of the best online SEO and content tool providers in the industry. Let’s focus on the Keyword Rank Checker. Its user-friendly interface allows us to look up the website’s ranking in two ways.

      By Keywords: The first one includes entering a domain name, location, and keywords. You have to solve the captcha and then click on Check Position. The results shown include the website’s ranking for each keyword. The free tool also shows you the popularity of the keyword with metrics such as Search Volume, No. of Search Results and Trends. Furthermore, if your website doesn’t rank in the top 10, it offers the option of viewing the competing websites.

      By Keywords


      By URL: The second method is to add your website URL and check the position of your website. Once you hit the Check position button, the result displays a list of 10 popular web pages with their respective rankings. You can either export or share the data.

      By URL

      By URL

      We have displayed the first two results for the domain:

      result of the domain

      domain result


      • Free website position checker software
      • You can add 10 keywords at a time
      • You can choose to check website position in two ways by URL and keywords


      • Website riddled with advertisements
      • You have to solve a captcha every time you need to use the tools
      • Not a user-friendly keyword position checker

      RankWatch’s Web Analyzer


      Here’s another free tool that not only allows you to check your website’s rank but also offers a detailed website analysis in a user-friendly format. There’s one issue with the free version of RankWatch Web Analyzer i.e. you can only analyze the website for one keyword at a time. The report generated is broken down into sections: SEO, mobile rendering, social integration, website speed, website traffic, and technologies used on your website. These are displayed in the user-friendly report, which can be exported in a PDF.

      In our example, we have analyzed the world-famous website,, for the keyword wiki. Despite being so popular, its global rank is 13th for the keyword. In the United States, it ranks 11th.



      • Free Website Analysis Tool with user-friendly interface
      • It provides a quick and detailed website analysis report
      • Download the report into a PDF format
      • It allows you to see your website’s global and country rank on Google
      • It also shows data for top countries that contribute to your website’s popularity


      • You can only search for one keyword at a time



      Ahrefs is a VIP amongst the leading SEO tools in the industry. Known for its precise and accurate results, it offers several free SEO tools for beginners. We are going to compare Ahrefs Keyword Rank checker’s result for two websites and They are both top-ranking websites competing for the keyword wiki.

      (First result:

      (Second Result:

      As you can see, both rank on Google’s first page for the keyword wiki in the United States. Wikipedia is in the lead with rank 1, and Fandom’s current position on Google is 4. The free version of Ahreft’s Keyword Ranker directly shows you the current position of your website on Google.

      When you scroll down the website, you’ll see the top 10 web pages that rank for the keyword. Here it will be for the keyword wiki.

      Quite like most of the free tools on our list, you have to manually add keywords and domains every time you want to check the position. When you purchase the premium version of Ahref, the Rank Tracker will automatically monitor your rankings and position. You don’t have to keep repeating the process.


      • A dedicated and free google page rank checker
      • It provides highly accurate result
      • Ahrefs’ Keyword rank checker results are no fuss. They display what’s necessary, the current position, and the top 10 pages


      • It can only check for one keyword at a time
      • You have to enter your domain name, keyword, and location every time
      • The paid version is expensive, costs around 1188 USD for a year

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      This is another great addition to our list of free Google position checker tools. The Sitechecker tool displays quick information about a domain. Although it has quite a few limitations, we thought it was worth a mention.

      It’s quite simple to use. Once you enter the website or domain name, it shows 10 results for 10 distinct keywords with their Google ranks (Position) in a particular country. The following results show that when people in France type in the keyword Dakota Fanning in Google, the first organic result is Wikipedia.

      Similarly, when people in Portugal type in the keyword em c, the first organic result is a Wikipedia page for operators in c and c++.

      Dakota Fanning

      As you can see, it does have limitations but can be effective for beginners who aren’t interested in paying for professional-grade high-priced SEO tools.


      • It is one of the free Google website rank checkers
      • It provides the top 10 keywords with the website ranks sorted by country


      • The free version is limited
      • Search one website at a time, and there is no option to search with keywords

      Paid Website Rank Checker

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      Like Google, Mangools is a renowned SEO service provider. It has provided detailed guidelines about all of the SerpWatcher’s features. These guides include video resources that allow users to familiarise themselves with a new software interface. Once you sign in to the SERPWatcher, click on the button Go to the App. From there, you can set up a new keyword tracking.

      You’ll need to add your domain name, the region or location, and keywords for which you want to find the website’s rank. You can either manually add keywords or upload them from a file. You can also connect it to Mangool’s KWFinder and fetch keywords.

      setup new tracking

      Once you fill in these details and hit the Start Tracking button, you’ll be shown a prompt informing you that your data will be displayed in less than 30 seconds.

      Tracking Created

      The SERPWatcher shows you the following:

      • Website’s Rank: This shows your website’s rank on Google for that particular keyword.
      • Change: Comparing your website’s today rank to previous rankings shows an upward or downward trend. An upward arrow with a number shows how far up your website has climbed the Google ranks for that particular keyword.
      • Avg: It shows the average ranking of your website for that keyword.
      • Best: The best rank your website has ever attained on Google for a particular keyword.
      • Search: Shows the Keyword Search volume
      • EV: Estimated Visits on your website for a fixed duration say a month.


      Image source: Mangools

      Although not as pricier as the other alternatives, the pricing for Mangools starts from $358.80 for the basic package, which offers 100 SERP lookups per 24 hours. The premium and agency pricing plans offer more SERP lookups and additional features. Of course, the price includes all the tools from Mangools, including KWFinder, etc.

      Pricing Plans

      Pricing Plans


      • It is one of the cheaper paid keyword rank checkers
      • It offers a user-friendly interface
      • It has detailed and precise representation of every SEO metrics
      • Software dedicated to SEO


      • Even being one of the cheapest of the lot, it is still quite expensive for marketers on a budget.

      Paid Website Rank Checker Notable Mentions

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