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    As a web development company in Mumbai, we take inspiration from all walks of our lives. Be it a quote making us seek the meaning of life or a muse that makes us create things that can never be repeated or copied by anyone else.

    If you are searching for modern web design trends, then your search ends here as the below websites offer numerous ideas, from illustrations to quizzes to dynamic cursors, each having an appeal of their own. Trends by nature are the result of popularity, and these web design trends have proven their effectiveness in engaging customers.

    Now, some of you might already have a website but aren’t achieving your target. Whereas others are here for research and to see if they can do better, and you can. These web design trends are meant to engage your audience in every way and are a product of hard work and wits, provided that you put in the same amount of hard work, if not more, there shouldn’t be a reason why you can’t achieve similar or better results.

    And if you don’t have the right skills to get the desired outcome, then you can hire a web design agency in Mumbai who can bring your ideas to life.

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    Illustration Tailored To The Website’s Theme


    Let’s compare two illustrations meant to highlight the issues and gist of the website and their purpose. With Pratham Books, we have a website for a non-profit organization. Their purpose is to make reading material such as storybooks available to underprivileged children. Their whole website is covered with illustrations that connect them to these children. Thus, the illustrations on your website should tell a story, even in the absence of words.

    Another Illustrated customized website design is for a luxury outdoor living experience by Pitch Tents.

    Pitch Tents

    Tastefully Implemented Parallax Scrolling

    Parallax Scrolling is a modern website design that has been around for a few years. However, no matter how many times you see Parallax scrolling used by websites, you’ll always end up surprised with how stunning and inspiring this particular trend can be.

    For example: Although we weren’t sure Parallax scrolling would make this list, we came across Camp Santo’s website for the Firewatch Game, and we had to admit that parallax scrolling hasn’t lost its appeal. It is one of the most commonly used web design trends by gaming websites to keep their audience engaged.

    Campo Santo

    As we maneuver through this list, you’ll come across more examples that not only feature different trends but also add parallax scrolling to the mix.

    Full-page Designs That Speak Thousand Words

    • Full-Page headers: One of the leading tech giants, Infosys has given us a full-page header unlike any other. One of the most commonly used modern website design trends, Full-Page headers are highly recommended by the experts. Now, the Full-page header doesn’t necessarily have to be a blank canvas. It can be equipped with elements or illustrations that spin an engaging tale.
    • Fullscreen forms: One of the newest website design features includes fullscreen forms with a minimalist view. Cluttering the website with a form can turn even the most loyal customers away as it tends to be distracting and unseemly. The implementation of this newest trend has made forms such as the ‘basic minimal contact form’ a necessity for every website.

    We have shared two examples of engaging fullscreen forms.


    Contact Form Source: Sleeknote


    Contact Form Source: Bando

    Website Featuring Engaging Stories

    The Boat

    Stories don’t necessarily have to be as elaborate as The Boat website we have featured for this particularly engaging web design trend. Sometimes they can be as simple as a website showcasing minimal illustrations or words that tell a better story than any movie ever could.

    Jurassic World’s Camp Cretaceous

    Another classic example of engaging websites is Jurassic World’s Camp Cretaceous website. When you visit the website, you’ll find yourself looking at the Isla Nublar through your screen. When you hit the Enter button on the screen, they’ll take you through a visually appealing immersive experience to match partial virtual reality.

    Want to design an EPIC website? As a web design agency in India, we can help!

    Websites That Have Fun with the Cursor

    • Dynamic Cursors

    • A Chocolate that makes the website visitors guess and pick the colour of chocolate cover that’s usually similar to the bar within. By implementing this theme of selecting colours, the website has exchanged the regular cursor for the colour picker tool, which you’ll notice as soon as you visit the website. When you click on the website, instead of just moving the pointer around, you’ll come across a colour palette that helps you select a colour. This is the level of creativity that you need to add to your web design to stand out.


      Another example is a fun trivia and solution for your common headaches, named: Headache-Off. Although it isn’t a refined design, the design suits the website’s theme making it all the more engaging. It features a hand cursor, which helps you pick a problem. Check out the video of us trying out this fun website trivia that begs to be played.

    • Dynamic Header Scrolling

    We have shared two distinct examples with ingeniously creative headers that were tailored for the website. The Grove Lust website has a dark background, which is highlighted by an image-like element whose movement has been synchronized to the mouse pointer.

    Grove Lust Website

    Similar to Grove Lust, we have Obivochka, an equally innovative design that showcases two furniture colours in one website header. All you have to do is select the palm element on the screen and drag the cursor to and fro, based on the furniture colour you are interested in viewing.


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      The Forever Trending Grid Web Designs

      Grids have been used to showcase a portfolio as well as shopping websites. These are the two areas of the industry where grid web designs have excelled time and again. Now, standing apart with grids can be as easy as it can be difficult. You could do away with a minimalist design such as Darren Noor Loff, or you could try for something elaborate by adding a video in the background.

      Darren Noor Loff

      Two More examples of grid web designs that might spark an idea are Mike McQuade and

      Companies Leveraging Split Screen Web Design Trend

      88 & 90 Lex

      When you watch the video on their website, you’d realize that 88 & 90 Lex has done a superb job of splitting the screen. Each side of the split-screen represents what all their customers hope to achieve. It is all served on a platter with aplomb.

      Similarly, we have a Gin and tonic website, GINVENTORY, which has been created with the sole focus to drive the traffic to their apps for android and iOS. Be it vertically or horizontally, splitting the screen adds an engaging aspect to your website.


      Oversized Statement Font

      Dragon Rouge

      Traditionally the use of huge fonts was considered unattractive as sometimes they would distract the visitors from their purpose of visiting the website. But we have long since moved past that, daily trying to outdo our competitors and stay ahead in the game. These website design trends are another means by which we can achieve that competitive edge. Dragon Rouge is a website which has implemented not only oversized fonts meant as a statement, they have also incorporated several other trends, including motion.

      Next up is Huge Inc, which has remained true to its name and given us some iconic huge fonts that have gelled well with their website and succeed in adding more value to it.

      Further Reading: Web Design Best Practices

      Huge Inc

      Read: Stunning Free Icon Fonts For Web Designers

      Stunning Digital Artwork

      Adobe creative cloud

      Illustrations have become intertwined with the web design as almost every company is upgrading their design with these trendy characters that tell a story. Whereas, some choose other forms of equally addictive and entertaining digital art.

      With Adobe creative cloud, you get the expertise borne from the extensive experience that keeps them apprised of the latest industry trends. The unique, colourful design makes it stand out even more than it already does.

      Gucci has decided to entertain its audience with an informative quiz that is engaging in itself. But Gucci decided to take it a step further by adding their digital art of a treehouse that highlights the importance of eco-friendly products which is the gist of their quiz.


      Then we have Sapiens, a platform for creating illustrations. They have provided a few customization options on their website. These free options tease how much you can achieve with their software and services. If that doesn’t convince people to procure their service, then hardly anything else ever will.


      UX/UI Centred Websites


      UX/UI is so much more than just eye-candy. It is about the seamless functioning of a website, which is a primary factor of a website design. For example, Medium is a minimal design focused on content, which motivates writers by getting rid of the unnecessary clutter and providing them with a white space akin to paper so that they can put their thoughts in words. And if it wasn’t clear enough, the website presents the user with a powerful combination of high functioning with a spectacular design.


      Let’s talk about the Signesduquotidien website. Although it’s in a language very few of us understand, it does get its point across. And we can navigate effortlessly as well as enjoy the website for its smart design.

      Adding Interactivity To Your Website With A Bit Motion

      Let’s be honest. The majority of the websites we have seen so far have covered this aspect plenty. But it is a website trend that will never stop inspiring us, even after all the trends are gone. You can add interactivity and motion like Gucci’s quiz or Sapien’s character customization.

      Danish Sait’s website features an interactive header that says Hello in at least seven Indian languages. The idea is mildly interactive, with us moving our cursors uncovering what each language is.

      Danish Sait’s website

      Next is Nesea with little motion thanks to the Slider web design trend that has been artfully utilized.


      Sometimes All Your Design Needs Is White Space

      Let’s not forget the appeal of minimalism. For some audiences, less will always be more. Some of the design trends when not implemented properly can turn into headache-inducing blunders. Or as an SEO agency in Mumbai may tell you a nightmare when running SEO campaigns. So, if you have limited resources, use the white space to your advantage, and turn it into a statement!

      The World We Create is an excellent combination of some brilliant website trends we have mentioned in this list. A unique design that is inspiring combined with a UX/UI that’s just as effective as it is appealing. It is very much like the website that a lot of you are known to frequent. The big brands try to keep it simple, and even with the elements such as illustrations, there’s enough white space to avoid any clutter.

      World We Create

      Another example is the Walt Disney Company’s Full-Page Header with just the company name highlighting its effectiveness.

      Walt Disney Company

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      Some Stunning Website Designs That Don’t Meet Any Criteria

      Now, all of these are the trending designs of 2020, and some will continue to be so. But even the technological giants in today’s competitive world update their website designs. When these top organizations are still thriving to be better, can we not do the same?

      We are now sharing some websites that do not fit the mold and yet stand out from the crowd.

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