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    As another year passes, we look at our web designs and wonder what we could have done better. What would have yielded better results? The answer to these questions is often quite simple in reality. Put on your listening ears and hear what the people want. Stop overlooking an essential detail. Collect feedback from your customers and employees. Better yet, hire an SEO agency in Mumbai to check if your website has become dated and whether it is due for an update.

    As a web design agency in Mumbai, we have put together website statistics based on several studies and research programmes. These include people and surveys conducted on the internet. These highly accurate Statistics will speak for the end-users, telling you exactly what they need.

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    Website Statistics Focused on Web Design Aesthetics

    Website Statistics Focused on Web Design Aesthetics

    75% of online users judge the credibility of a website based on its overall aesthetics.

    (Source: Invision App)

    Our post on 11 Modern Web Design Trends will give you a clear perception of beauty from the eyes of your audience. A good website is more than high functionality and beautiful aesthetics. It also includes adaptability to the latest trends. And yet, 75% of users judge a website’s authenticity based on its overall aesthetics. To them, it matters. It establishes the website’s credibility, setting it apart from the numerous scammers online.

    If the content or layout is unattractive, 38% of visitors will stop engaging with a website.

    (Source: Blue Corona)

    In line with the 1st statistic, it stresses the importance of designing a visually pleasing website as people won’t think twice before they decide to quit a website that looks shabby.

    59% of people prefer browsing ‘beautiful and well-designed’ sites to basic ones.

    (Source: Blogging Wizard)

    Blogging Wizard’s survey suggests that more than half of the users prefer a beautifully structured website instead of a basic template. Check out these beautiful branding mockup templates.

    Instead of spending 15 minutes on a plain website, two-thirds of people would prefer to spend those 15 minutes reading something on a visually appealing website.

    (Source: Blue Corona)

    Statistics 3 and 4 both tell us that users prefer visually appealing, beautiful websites to basic designs.

    Take it from the experts themselves, around 84.6% of web designers believe that crowded web design is one of the most common design mistakes made by small businesses.

    (Source: GoodFirms)

    Following that, the absence of call-to-action, hidden website navigation, bad typography or font, and poor use of whitespace are the most common errors, in that order. Small businesses usually try to cut corners with the website design, deciding to go with cheaper and budget-friendly options that aren’t always bad but sometimes can prove harmful for their website’s image.

    According to 39% of consumers, the website colour is the most appreciable component of website design.

    (Source: Top Design Firms)

    Around 39% of consumers have stated that they appreciate a dash of colour on the website.

    Around 26% of users prefer primary colour schemes, 20% prefer analogous, and 21% prefer complementary.

    (Source: Top Design Firms)

    Statistics 6 and 7 express the importance of the colour scheme, making it an essential aspect of web design. Around 39% of consumers claimed that website colour is important to them. And 26% prefer primary colour schemes. On top of that, you have to choose a colour scheme that fits your business’s image.

    The percentage of users who will continue shopping because of great UX also stands high at 90%.

    (Source: Web Tribunal)

    90% of the shoppers will continue shopping if they are having a good time on your website.


    Deep Market research: Either do the research yourself or hire a competent agency to help you find the ideal colour scheme to engage your visitors, influencing them to stick around on the website. On the off chance that you decide to do the research, don’t forget the old trick – find out what your competitors are doing. Try to design a website that is better in all ways.

    Expert website designers are always aware of the latest website trends. They constantly refresh their knowledge to provide their clients with a better experience. Be consistent and share your ideas with the designers. Be very precise about your requirements. You can also share some references to give them a better idea of your expectations.

    Statistics About Websites’ Design Cost

    Statistics About Websites’ Design Cost

    Around 28% of small businesses make the mistake of spending less than 500 USD on a website.

    (Source: Clique Studios)

    Now that you know better, you can easily tackle this roadblock and make a better investment in your website. Because in the digital world, your website is your business.

    The average cost of designing a basic website is 3200 USD.

    (Source: GoodFirms)

    According to GoodFirms, designing a basic website can cost up to 3200 USD. It is way higher than what 28% of small businesses spend. Statistics 8 clearly states that around 28% of small businesses overlook their web design and spend a maximum of 500 USD.

    It can cost up to (and over) 100,000 USD for a professional website design.

    (Source: Clique Studios)

    Based on Clique Studios data, a business needs to invest at least 100,000 USD to build a professional website design. A professional web design will at least include the following: a responsive website, interface design, high functionality, good speed, visual elements, social media buttons, and call to action buttons. It is the one-time web development agency in Mumbai cost. Other costs include website maintenance.

    The costs of routine website maintenance starts from $35 to $5000/per month.

    (Source: Imaginovation Blog)

    Website maintenance charges include web hosting costs, domain renewal costs, and SSL certificates. The price ranges from 35 USD to 5,000 USD depending on whom you hire to build a website. If you decide to do it yourself with a website builder, it may cost anywhere from 0 to 25 USD. But if you decide to hire a freelancer or a web design agency in India, the costs increase substantially.

    Progressive web apps (PWA) can save businesses up to 75% on maintenance and development costs.

    (Source: Ruby Garage Blog)

    Do you ever get tired of the countless native apps installed on the phone? While it’s true that they can be handy, they take up a lot of space and can turn buggy over time. Progressive Web Apps might be a solution to those. In future, they might even take over the native apps since they are more affordable and bring high-speed functional websites to the phone.


    These web stats behoove you to invest luxuriously in your web design. Hire an expert who knows all the ins and outs of the latest web designs and has a proven track record of developing stunning designs, keeping them in line with your business theme. Also, make inquiries about PWAs to reduce the overall website costs.

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      Website Statistics About Poor User Experience (Desktop and Mobile)

      Website Statistics About Poor User Experience

      89% of consumers shop with competition after a poor user experience.

      (Source: WebFX)

      It isn’t unheard of for loyal customers to set a business aside after a poor experience. What’s more, they’ll move on to the business’s competitors for future needs. So, guard your reputation by building a website that satisfies your visitors.

      It is estimated that 88% of consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience.

      (Source: Invision App)

      People have grown wiser to scammers and fraudsters. A good web design is one of the things that sets a business apart from these pretenders. So, when a loyal customer has a horrible experience, they will refuse to stick around. In such cases, it is up to the businesses to fix the issues. Otherwise, they will probably lose more customers.

      In the case of retail shopping portals, slow website speed causes 14% of customers to abandon ship and move on to another shopping website.

      (Source: Website Builder Expert)

      We have already discussed how 89% of customers shop with competitors after having a bad experience. At least 14% leave because of poor website speed, causing the site to take forever to load. We’ll see a few more page speed statistics later on.

      If the first result isn’t mobile-friendly, around 40% of users move on to the next results.

      (Source: Blue Corona)

      Although it is common knowledge, businesses still ignore the value of mobile-friendly websites. And while the number of desktop visitors remains high, mobile users continue to dominate the market. Now a site may work fine on a desktop, but as soon as you open it on a smartphone or tablet, it goes wonky. Not only does it often take too much time to load, but it can also become incomprehensible. So, the user will go back to Google search results and select the second result. So, even if your SEO is on point, the web design affects your sales.

      70% of users have abandoned their shopping carts because of poor user experience.

      (Source: Web Tribunal)

      Visitors don’t just up and decide to leave their go-to brands one fine day. Numerous visitors overlook a few mistakes, but with repeated occurrences, they lose faith in the brand. Web design is the complete package for the visitor, from entering your website to completing the order with successful payment. If the process is somehow interrupted as they proceed to checkout, visitors are likely to abandon their carts.

      From the global eCommerce revenue, 50% is generated from mobile sources.

      (Source: Infront)

      According to Infront’s statistics, a responsive eCommerce will generate revenue through the desktop website and the mobile website/app. Without a responsive website or an app, the business is likely to lose 50% of its revenue.

      62% of companies that designed their website(s) for mobile platforms increased their sales.

      (Source: Blue Corona)

      Blue Corona’s stats confirm that businesses that have designed responsive websites suitable for both desktop and mobile have seen a growing trend in their sales.

      90% of people use multiple screens sequentially.

      (Source: Hookagency)

      Furthermore, people today have grown used to multitasking. Their desks now hold more than just computers. There is also a place dedicated to smartphones. Sometimes when a person can’t access your website on the desktop browser, they try to see if they can get it to work on the phone. That’s just one way in which it is used. People shopping online are more likely to use the same websites on multiple screens.

      Around 48% of users say that if a business’ website is not mobile-friendly, they’ll take it as an indication that the business simply doesn’t care.

      (Source: SAG IPL)

      When a business decides to forgo creating a mobile-friendly website, it automatically loses a wide pool of prospective customers. Now, they have settled for the desktop users, who periodically like to open the website on their smartphones. An unresponsive website can be unattractive when viewed on a smartphone. It gives users the idea that your business doesn’t care to cater to them.


      Select a web design agency with a proven record of successful website launch. Also, check their portfolio. A competent website designer will help you build a beautiful website with zero errors. But, the task doesn’t end after creating a website. You have to monitor it periodically to fix errors that may lead to a poor user experience.

      Statistics About Website’s Speed

      Statistics About Website's Speed

      Even a 1-second delay can reduce customer satisfaction by 16%.

      (Source: Website Builder Expert)

      While loyal followers and customers may stick around even with the slow website speed, they are still bound to be irritated by the slow page loading speed. Today people have shorter attention spans, and so even if they stick around, they aren’t happy about it. If it takes more time to load it than usual, they might even decide to quit your website altogether.

      An approximately half of visitors, 47% of people, expect the website or web page to load in two seconds or less.

      (Source: WebFX)

      This statistic reiterates the need for a faster loading website, with a website loading speed of fewer than two seconds.

      When asked to name what was their least favourite thing about a poor web design, 46% of people stated that they disliked waiting for a page to load on mobile browsers, while 73% said the same for desktop browsers.

      (Source: Website Builder Expert)

      We have it straight from the mouths of end-users. Slow website loading speed is a major issue that needs to be fixed right away.

      Each year, slow-loading websites cost retailers around 2.6 billion USD in lost sales.

      (Source: Clique Studios)

      Clique Studios has put a number on how much retailers lose annually when their website speed is low. It is 2.6 billion USD, a loss that could have been avoided with better planning and web design.

      From the time a user lands on your website, you have at least 10 seconds to engage them, to tell them about your services. Once the clock hits the 10-second marker, they will either stay, some may leave even before 10 seconds.

      (Source: Blue Corona)

      Those 10 seconds are the make-it-or-break-it moments for your website and would be highly dependent on how visually engaging and appealing the web design is.

      It takes a user 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your page once it loads.

      (Source: Blue Corona)

      It may take more or less 10 seconds to make up their mind about whether or not they want to stay, but it takes only 0.05 seconds for them to form an opinion.

      A slight change in the website loading speed from 8 to 2 seconds can effectively boost your visitors’ conversion rate to customers by 74%.

      (Source: BP Studios)

      According to BP Studio, website speed statistics show us how faster website loading speed can get people to stick around. Upgrading a website speed from 8 to 2 seconds can significantly boost visitor’s conversion rate by 74%.

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      User Feedback Website Statistics

      User Feedback Website Statistics

      ESPN revenues jumped 35% after they incorporated the community suggestions into their homepage redesign.

      (Source: Inside Design)

      Websites that take in their customer’s feedback to create a better user experience are appreciated and see a rise in their revenues. Customer feedback is essential. They are the first real testers of your website, providing you with data on how to fix issues. So, it should behoove you to make those changes. It is the only way to retain customer loyalty and consequently increase revenue.

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